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 Some Web Sites Dealing With Political & Cultural Issues


LPCA Link Disclaimer: 

Even though the following web sites and social media outlets have been screened, LPCA is not responsible for the information that is posted on these sites (Catholic, non-Catholic, interreligious, and secular), nor any maintenance of them. As a service, LPCA has posted these sites and social media outlets; in order to educate the public. It is LPCA's hope, that the following sites will inspire the laity to participate in Christ's mission of sanctifying society; especially the political realm in America and in other nations, teach American history, and to provide information on how to save America from collapsing. It must be said that even though a majority of the websites on the "Church & State" page is American, LPCA has done its best to provide when possible; international sites.


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"The Pro-Life issue is the most important issue of our time! Without the right to life, we would not have the right to liberty, nor to the pursuit of happiness!" (Nick Kovacs, 2008)