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World Crisis: News Across the Globe

(Note to Viewers: LPCA is not responsible for the views expressed in the following resources. Tweets and Resources are posted as a service.)


A Day's Wages Are Asked in Sacrifice for Victims

An Inside Look at Zimbabwe's Crisis

Africa's Woes Still Ignored, Says Vatican Paper

Archbishop Decries Pakistani Bombing

Bishops Voice Solidarity with Japan, Urge Catholics to Support Efforts of Catholic Relief Services Following Earthquake

Benedict XVI Praying for Victims of Floods and Fires

Benedict XVI Asks for End to Fighting in Gaza

Benedict XVI Mourns Clerics Slain in Iraq

Bishops Express Prayers, Solidarity for Those Harmed by Oil Spill

Benedict XVI Asks Prayers and Aid for Hurricane Victims

Bishop Hopes to Build Orphanage After Quake

Benedict XVI sends his prayers to families of Iraqi priest and three deacons murdered in Mosul

Bishop in Turkey Links Priest's Murder to Muslim Protests

Benedict XVI Hopes Priest's Murder Stirs Solidarity

Benedict XVI Thanks Papal Foundation

Bombay Church Facilities Open to Terrorist Victims

Bible Printers Slain in Turkey

Cardinal Dolan, Bishop Pates Express Sadness, Support To President Of Nigerian Bishops Over Cathedral Bombing

Caritas Mobilizing in Wake of Asian Quake

Cardinal Dolan Sends Solidarity Letter to President of Philippines Bishops Conference, Calls on U.S. Bishops for Special Collection for Typhoon Haiyan Victims

Chaldean Church to Convene Synod in Iraq

Caritas Shifts Gears in North Korea

Church Must Aid Peace in Africa, Says Pope

Caritas Endeavors to Aid Sri Lanka

Catholic Relief Services struggling to lead massive aid effort in Lebanon

Caritas to Help Lebanese Resettle

Calm Follows Riots Sparked by Executions

Convent Robbed and Occupied in Iraq

Caritas Aiding Iran's Quake Victims

Capuchin Priest Attacked in Turkey

Caritas Aids Quake-Damaged Iran

Caritas Aiding Quake Victims in Rural Java

Catholic Relief Services joins $1.2-million Catholic aid to Indonesia

Caritas Aiding Victims of March Quake in Iran

Chaldean Priest Kidnapped in Baghdad

Congo Prelate Outraged by Slayings

Caritas-ACT Centers Aiding 20,000 in Darfur

Cardinal Poupard Wary of Anti-Western Climate

Caritas Aims to Cut Malnutrition in Eritrea

Congolese Bishop Sends an SOS for Refugees

Charity Auction to Aid Sudanese Children

The Challenges Facing India

Caritas Keeps Up Efforts for Starvation Victims in Sahel

Caritas Aiding Those Who Fled Volcano

Catholic Charity Assisting Quake Victims

Church Calls for Peace After Mosque Attacked

Catholic Relief Services commits to aid for Pakistan after earthquake

Caritas pledges to continue work in North Korea

Catholic Charities gives $36M for hurricane assistance

Darfur Faces Another Food Emergency

Darfur Refugees Hear of Pope's Concern

Disaster Looming for Gaza's Refugees

Emotional tribute to slain priest at papal audience (2006)

Food shortage menaces southern Africa (2005)

From Sri Lanka, an Ecumenical SOS

Hurricane Task Force to Do Double Duty

Holy Father Urges Solidarity After Asian Quake

Help earthquake victims, Pope asks faithful (2005)

Hunger Still Stalks Niger

How Africa's Suffering May Lead to Christian Unity

Haiti Earthquake

In Pakistan, Church Is Sheltering Quake Refugees

Iraqi priest released by kidnappers

Israeli Border Must Stay Open to Aid, Says Caritas

In Lebanon, Migrants Face Uncertainty

Jaffna Catholics Press Search for Missing Priest

Knights of Columbus donate $100,000 for aid in Lebanon

Kidnapped Priest Released

Long-term Rebuilding Planned in Indonesia

Letter to National Security Advisor Regarding Ebola Outbreak

Millions face famine in Africa (2005)

Millions Face Famine in Kenya

Missionary Slain in Turkey Hailed as "Witness of Dialogue"

Nuncio Pleads for Peace in Sri Lanka

Nuns Work for Children in Kabul

Nigerian Bishops Promote Democracy

Papal prayers-- again-- for US storm victims (2005)

Pope offers prayers for battered Gulf Coast, encourages generosity for the suffering

Papal Sympathy for Flood Victims in Central America, Mexico

Prayers Asked for Victims of Natural Disasters

Pope Calls for More Aid for Quake Victims

Papal Condolences for Indonesia

Prelate Laments Murder of 2 Iraqi Women

Priest Is Attacked in Turkey

Pope Asks for a Solution in Darfur

Pope Calls for Peaceful Solution in Hungary

Pakistan's Salesians Building Camps for Quake Victims

Pope Extols the Gospel as a Means for African Peace

Prelate Asks U.N. Help for Crisis in Northern Uganda

Priest Killed in Burundi; Pope Urges End to Violence

Priest, Stabbed in Turkey, Had Been Harassed

Priest Fatally Beaten in El Salvador

Priest and 3 Deacons Slain in Mosul

Retired Archbishop of New Orleans, Philip M. Hannan Discusses the aftereffects of Hurricanes Katrina & Rita ("The World Over" Air Date: 10/7/2005)

Rwandan Initiative Aims to Heal Wounds of Genocide

Some Catholic organizations struggling with post-hurricane donations

Sri Lanka Hitting Boiling Point, Alerts Caritas

Teen Arrested in Killing Cites Mohammed Cartoons

U.S. Bishops Urge Bipartisan Efforts for Gulf Coast

Uganda Pressed to Halt Human Rights Violations

U.S. Parishes Send More Hurricane Relief


U.S. Bishops Offer Prayers, Assistance for Victims of Earthquake in Chile

Vatican paper condemns killing of children in combat (2006)

Vatican Troubled by Indonesian Executions

Vatican Honors Caritas Aide for Work in North Korea

Zimbabwe's Downward Spiral