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"My Jesus, Mercy"



May the risen Lord grant you His peace!


Hi, my name is Nick Kovacs, O.F.S., and I would like to welcome you to my web site, Legionnaires Praying for the Clergy Apostolate (LPCA)!


The primary purpose behind this apostolate, is to help increase love for the clergy (bishops, priests, and deacons) by praying for their continued and deepening holiness.  To help in this effort, I have prepared A Litany of Prayers for us to consider. It is imperative that we pray for the continued holiness of the clergy, because it is their responsibility to feed the Church in Christ's name with the word and the grace of God. But who is feeding the clergy? It is our prayers that helps nourish, support, and sustain our clergy, so that they have the strength and the courage they need to fulfill God's will in their lives.


As we take up this cause, it is necessary for us to become on fire for Christ. In order to amplify this passion, we must first examine the depth of our spiritual formation. Once we have done this, we can then look within our hearts to find where our spirit needs to be fortified. Because this is so important, I have put together a roadmap that lays out six important spiritual pillars for your spiritual guidance. This then becomes the foundation upon which the LPCA site is built on.   


As we move closer to Christ, we need to rely on resources which will support and inspire us. To assist in this effort, I have collected a wealth of material for you to access, which in my opinion will bring to fruition the continued holiness of the members within the Church, and a sanctified society. I welcome you to check them out.


Finally, please feel free to give me your feedback on my site, as it is my goal to constantly improve what I have created. Thank you for your interest in my site.  


God Bless!



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The recording of Kyrie Eleison was made live at St. Benedict's Monastery in São Paulo, Brazil.