"Through the eucharistic prayer, the bread and wine are transformed into Christ, then we are transformed (and) called to transform the world. The Eucharist is not a passive happening. It calls us to be transformed and changed." (The quote is from Msgr. Michael Reed-Fmr. Rector of The Cathedral of The Sacred Heart-Pensacola, Florida. The quote is provided by "The Florida Catholic", 10/28/2005)

During Mass, individuals can offer their offerings (words and actions) to Jesus and ask Him to apply them to their personal intentions. Here are some examples of the words and actions which can be offered:


An example of a prayer you could offer in the silence of your heart to Jesus when offering yourself to Him at Mass

Jesus, I offer to You at this Mass my words and actions. Please accept my offering and use it as a means for the clergy to be increased in holiness. Amen.