Resources on the Traditional/Moral Cultural Elements of Society and the Attacks it Experiences by Anti-Traditionalists/Moralists

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UN, EU, World Court, Supreme Court: Subsidiarity Anyone?

Transformation of Family Law: State, Law, and Family in the United States and Western Europe

St. Louis Archbishop warns of coming persecution (2005)

Love is Our Mission: The Family Fully Alive A Preparatory Catechesis for the World Meeting of Families

Who Is Winning the Culture War?

Absolute Relativism - The New Dictatorship and What to do About It

The Future of Marriage and Religious Liberty

USCCB Chairman Applauds Federal Court Decision Upholding Marriage

USCCB Chairman Responds to U.S. Court of Appeals Decision

USCCB Chairmen Express Grave Disappointment toward Supreme Court’s Action

USCCB Subcommittee Chairman Calls Decisions in Oregon and Pennsylvania Travesties of Justice

Supreme Court Decisions on Marriage: 'Tragic Day for Marriage and our Nation,' State U.S. Bishops


USCCB Chairmen Applaud Introduction of the 'Marriage and Religious Freedom Act'

Jesus on Trial: A Lawyer Affirms the Truth of the Gospel

November 20, 2013 - Bishop Paprocki's Homily for Prayers of Supplication and Exorcism in Reparation for the Sin of Same-Sex Marriage, Cathedral, Springfield

USCCB Chairman Responds to Marriage Redefinition in Hawaii

Good Tidings and Great Joy Protecting the Heart of Christmas

Marriage as a Public Good

USCCB Subcommittee Chair Decries Serious Injustice In Delaware

EWTN Theology Roundtable - June 2013 - Same-Sex Marriage - YouTube

USCCB Subcommittee Chair Decries Marriage Redefinition In Rhode Island

USCCB Subcommittee Chair Applauds ‘Victory in the Land of Lincoln’

USCCB Subcommittee Chair Calls Minnesota Lawmakers’ Post-Mother’s Day Marriage Redefinition ‘Height Of Irony’

USCCB Subcommittee Chair Leads Prayer At March For Marriage

Protestors report 1 million in Paris march to defend marriage

Pope Francis on Homosexual Unions Blogs

Chick-fil-A event draws crowds of supporters in marriage controversy

Bad Samaritans: The ACLU's Relentless Campaign to Erase Faith from the Public Square  

Heads Of Military Archdiocese, Subcommittee For Promotion, Defense Of Marriage Object To Defense Department Same-Sex Domestic Partners Policy

Bishops’ Defense Of Marriage Chair Calls For Prayer, Renewed Culture Of Marriage

USCCB Files Supreme Court Briefs Supporting DOMA, Proposition 8

Report on promotion and defense of marriage

Cardinal Dolan: President Obama's Remarks on Marriage 'Deeply Saddening'

A Letter on Marriage from the President and Vice-President of the Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales

Catholic Bishops Denounce As ‘Grave Injustice’ Appeals Court Ruling Striking Down California Marriage Law

Open Season on Christianity

In Defense of Marriage

Bishops’ Committee For Defense Of Marriage Disappointed Over DOMA Ruling

Should the Government be Involved in Marriage?

Bishops Urge Senate Judiciary Committee to Oppose Bill That Would Repeal Defense Of Marriage Act

Illinois State Senate passes civil unions

USCCB Report - Defense of Marriage

Rhode Island Civil Unions Bill ‘Fails Justice,’ ‘Further Erodes Marriage’s Unique Status,’ Says Bishop Cordileone

Bishop Cordileone Expresses Grave Disappointment over NY Bill Redefining Marriage

USCCB Decries Refusal to Support Defense of Marriage Act

Congress Overturns Military Ban of Gays Serving Openly, Sends Bill to Obama's Desk -

‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ repeal will use military to impose radical agenda, critics say Catholic News Agency (CNA)

The Call to Marriage is Woven Deeply into the Human Spirit

Homosexual "Marriage": What Will It Take To Stop It?

The Culture of Secularism and the Faith ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 3/11/2009)

Bishops Praise Decision by California Supreme Court to Uphold Definition of Marriage as “Between One Man and One Woman”

Cardinal Cipriani on the Policies Against Life and the Family

Secular Sabotage: How Liberals Are Destroying Religion and Culture in America

Varieties of Intolerance: Religious and Secular

Maintaining Pro-Family Momentum

The Final Frontier For Civilization As We Know It

Speakout: Silence of the Faithful is Cowardice by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Senator Santorum Tells Graduates to Rebel Against Culture

Same-Sex Marriage by Bishop Frederick Henry of Calgary, Alberta, Canada (April 21, 2005)

Stopping Same-Sex Marriage


Sunday Mass Is Key Witness for a Secular World, Says Pope

Same-Sex Marriage: Not in Kids' Interest

Seedbeds of Virtue: Sources of Competence, Character, and Citizenship in American Society

Rick Santorum Is Right by Deal Hudson

Senator Elizabeth Dole's Speech at the 2004 GOP Convention

Robert George Discusses the Federal Marriage Amendment ("World Over" Air Date: 6/25/2004)

Rights Talk: The Impoverishment of Political Discourse

The Revenge of Conscience

Why I'm Rooting for the Religious Right

Senator Rick Santorum's Speech at the 2004 Republican Party Convention

The Problem With Communitarianism


Philip Jenkins Talks About The New Anti-Catholicism ("The World Over" Air Date: 8/1/2003)

Over the Rails America

Our Character, Our Future by Dr. Alan Keyes

The Meaning of the Season is the Birth of Jesus Christ by Archbishop Charles Chaput (12/8/2004)

The Marriage Amendment Fails... For Now (CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter-July 16, 2004)

The Homosexual Agenda: Exposing the Principal Threat to Religious Freedom Today

Dismantling Christian America ("The Abundant Life" Date Produced: 4/10/2002)

The Death of the West: How Mass Immigration, Depopulation and a Dying Faith Are Killing Our Culture and Country by Patrick J. Buchanan

Deficit of Decency

Dan Quayle Was Right

The Controversy Over Lowering the Flag for the Pope

The Clash of Orthodoxies: Law, Religion, and Morality in Crisis

Court Rejects Challenge to Inaugural Prayer (1/14/2005)

Catholic Morality - the Battle for America's Soul

Anti-Catholicism in American Culture


The New Anti-Catholicism: The Last Acceptable Prejudice by Philip Jenkins

Abortion and Divorce in Western Law

Marriage Is Foundational and "Irreplaceable," Says Pope



Cardinal Pell Invites Jews and Muslims to Team Up

Scottish Cardinal Warns Against Homosexual Parenting

Christianity Out in the Cold

Humanity's Future Hinges on the Family, Says Pope

Pro-family Groups Rallying Behind Madrid Protest

World's Bishops Support Madrid's Pro-Family Rally

The Future of Family Law: Law and the Marriage Crisis in North America


Organizers Hope Madrid Demonstration Is Just the Start

EU Constitution's Halt Gives Pro-lifers an Opening

Catholics Need Not Apply (12/01/2004)

Hate Crimes Laws Endanger Religious Liberty by Deal W. Hudson

The Family's Role In The Development Of Society

Why Pro-life Groups Were Excluded From U.N. Meeting

Spain OKs Same-Sex Marriage, and "Express Divorce"

L'Osservatore raps Spain, Canada on same-sex marriage (2005)

Same-Sex Marriage Seen as "Defeat for Humanity"

Bishops Outside Spain Assail New Law

Marriage Now Just a Sexual Relationship

Bishop Fred Henry Addresses Parliamentary Committee on Marriage

A Civil Argument About Dignity, Beliefs and Marriage

Population Controllers Target One of the Last Pro-Family Christian Nations

Same-Sex Marriage Bringing Chills in Canada

Canada becomes fourth country to legalize same-sex marriage

Canada's Bishops Not Budging on Marriage

Alberta may invoke clause to protect officials from marrying same-sex marriage

Redefining Marriage Away

Pro-Family Groups Say No to Same-Sex Adoption

Pro-family Rally Draws Thousands in Belgium

Court rules pledge of allegiance unconstitutional

Knights of Columbus vow to appeal Pledge of Allegiance ruling

Vatican cardinal calls for defense of marriage against legalization of civil unions

Benedict XVI Urges Legal Support for the Family

Italy's Plans to Recognize Cohabiting Couples Is Assailed

Cardinal Sepe: “The Church seeks good of society when she defends the family”

Is "Under God" Going Under? The Fight Over the Pledge of Allegiance

Same-Sex Marriage Seen as a "Boomerang"

Faith Groups Join Forces Against Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia

The War on Christmas

Big March Assails Spanish Education Plans

Wal-Mart Wanders, Then Awakens

Merry Christmas, Maybe...

Three Victories For Christmas Traditionalists

De-Christmasing Christmas 

Christmas Making a Comeback

Silencing Silent Night

None So Blind: How Secularists Ignore the Value of Religion

The Jewish Grinch who stole Christmas

Archbishop Chaput: No room for Christ in American Christmas culture?

Illinois bishops urge Catholics to take action in protecting marriage

Sears and Target see the Christmas Light

Does the ACLU really defend Christians?

The Purpose of the Christmas Season

CS Lewis on "Xmas and Christmas"

About those "secular" menorahs

The Christmas Hits Keep on Coming...

The American Catholic Church and the Christmas Controversy

Christmas: Sign of Contradiction, Season of Redemption

The Horrible "H" Word

Scottish Cardinal criticizes ‘gay weddings’ in New Year’s address

Women Who Make the World Worse

It's the Sex, Stupid: A Response to Mark Steyn

Life, Liberty and Marriage Seen at Stake in Canada

On St. Mungo Day, a Call to Defend Values

Kate O'Beirne Talks about Radical Feminism ("The World Over" Air Date: 1/6/2006)

Europarliament Takes Stand for Same-Sex Unions

Scottish Bishops Warn of Cultural Decay

What to Do About a Culture of Unbelief

Polish Bishops: Defense of Marriage Isn't "Homophobia"

Anti-Christian Bias Seen in EU Governance

Christians slam 'homophobia' resolution

The Human Rights Campaign Owes Senator Santorum An Apology

On The Fire Next Time: How To Deal With Attacks By Homosexual Groups

What Heterosexuals Need To Teach Homosexuals

Facing the Facts of Europe's Suicide

Demographer Says Religious, Cultural Conservatives on the Rise

Saving the institution of marriage ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 3/29/2006)

Bishops’ Administrative Committee Reaffirms Support For Federal Marriage Amendment

2 Key Threats to the Family

Bishops’ President Urges Support for a Federal Constitutional Marriage Amendment; Knights of Columbus Plan National Postcard Campaign

Why a Marriage Amendment is Necessary

GOP Policy Committee Says Marriage Amendment Needed to Stop Courts

Bishops Promoting Marriage Amendment

Broad Group of Religious Leaders Unite in Support of Marriage Amendment

New EU Law Forces Homosexual 'Marriage' on All Member States

Homofascists March On


Same-sex marriage has serious implications for religious liberty, legal experts say

Banned in Boston

Boston Cardinal, local Catholics to support a ballot vote on marriage

Judge orders removal of Mt. Soledad Cross

Family is sole hope of humanity, says Spanish cardinal

Law firm defends constitutionality of ‘In God we Trust’ motto

Pope Benedict stresses importance of marriage as a great ‘good for society’


The Future of Tradition

Bishop Sees Growing Support For A Marriage Protection Amendment

Same-Sex Marriage: Hijacking the Civil Rights Legacy

President's Radio Address-Same Sex Marriage (6/3/2006)

President Discusses Marriage Protection Amendment (6/5/2006)

Archbishop Chaput asks for support of Federal Marriage Amendment



Senate ignores American people on marriage

Debating Marriage: 10 Principles

Federal Marriage Amendment Defeat – Pro-Family Movement Weakness

Anti-Christianity in the Public Square

Major efforts to protect sanctity of life, marriage begin this month by Archbishop Chaput

Same-Sex Marriage Flounders

Supreme Court intervenes, temporarily stops removal of 29-foot cross in San Diego

Cardinal Exhorts Legislators to Protect Marriage

Massachusetts Bishops Appeal for Marriage Amendment

Same-sex marriage defeated in New York, Georgia

Constitutional amendment would ban homosexual “marriage” in the Philippines

Court Rules Legislature Can Put Marriage on Ballot

Christians Unite in Concern for Family

Lithuanian Bishops To Focus on Family

Valencia's Archbishop Says Families in a New Stage

House Bill could save embattled San Diego cross

U.S. House votes to protect “God” from courts

Washington Court Upholds Same-Sex Marriage Ban

Knights of Columbus pledge to fight for marriage, life, ‘under God’

Senate passes bill to preserve Mt. Soledad Cross

Las Cruces, New Mexico sued to remove “cruces” from city logo

"Beyond Gay Marriage"

Thomas More Law Center asks Supreme Court to review New York’s Nativity ban

Bishop says Parliament made "terrible mistake" in approving same-sex marriage

Religious rights groups are incensed at “blatant assault on religious freedom in California”

Hey, it's the solstice buying season

Take your Christmas and stuff it

Schiavo hysteria

Death, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

Marriage debate in Canada must be reopened, says Archbishop Prendergast

CBS News Allows Conservative Point of View and All Hell Breaks Loose

Meocracy Now!

Mum's the Word on Homosexuality

Pope Extols Families That Go Against the Current

Cardinal Restates Opposition to Same-sex Unions

Italian Catholics to Focus on Life, Family and Dialogue

Gay Marriage Lite

Gay agenda targets free speech

Mexico City OKs Homosexual Civil Unions

In South Africa, the Reasons for Defending Marriage

Freedom, Liberty and Marriage

Gay Activism Threatens Catholic Bush Appointee

Christianity Out in the Cold

Wary of the War on Christmas

Preacher Says Islam Isn't Against Christmas

Christian Principles Outlawed


Relativism Hurts Families, Warns Benedict XVI

French Religious Leaders Assail Same-sex Unions

Cardinal Alfonso López Trujillo - Marking the 25th Anniversary of Familiaris Consortio

Bishop: Something Sinister Afoot in U.K.

Bill to Recognize Cohabitants Is Criticized

Bishop denounces “radical laicism” that marginalizes Christianity

Calif. Supreme Court rules to preserve Mt. Soledad cross, publish court decision

Cardinal Warns of Ideologies in Latin America

Shut Up and Sing: How Elites from Hollywood, Politics, and the UN are Subverting America

Religious Symbols in the Cross Hairs

"Homophobia Law" to Impact Homilies, Seminaries

Commitment Isn't a Step Back, Sociologist Says

On Challenges and Hopes for the Family

Governmental Gay Hostility to the Church

Defining Marriage Down

Italian Prelate Says He Won't Be Intimidated

Europarliament: Religious Leaders Homophobic

1,000 U.S. Rabbis Hail Pro-Family Events

Family Is Life, Says Polish Deputy Prime Minister

Aiding the Family Serves Italy, Says Pope

California legislature passes same-sex marriage bill; family groups outraged

Reflection one year after same-sex marriage law in Mass.

Sexual Fantasies

Project Moses ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 6/20/2007)

Massachusetts Stands Alone as to Marriage

Legislating Intolerance: Is Marriage a Dying Institution in England?

Power to the People by Laura Ingraham

Relativism and Her Three Ugly Sisters

The Culture Wars: Former Christians Running Away

What's So Great About Christianity?

What's so great about Christianity? ("The World Over" Air Date: 10/26/2007)

Imposing "Tolerance"

Catholic-Jewish Dialogue Says Ten Commandments Can Provide Basis For Secular Arguments On Contemporary Issues

Bishop Allen Vigneron's Pastoral Message Concerning the May,15th, 2008 CA Supreme Court Decision

‘Culture wars’ far from over, Bishop Wenski says

Same-Sex Marriage and the Mockery of Being

The early culture war (1967 - 1973)

Orthodox Jewish, Catholic Leaders Urge That Marriage Remain Defined As Between Man And Woman

Intolerant Tolerance

September 25, 2012 -- When Two Become One: A Pastoral Teaching on the Definition, Purpose and Sanctity of Marriage by Most Reverend John Joseph Myers, Archbishop of Newark

Bishops’ Defense Of Marriage Chair Decries Latest DOMA Ruling

Archbishop Cordileone Calls Supreme Court Decision To Hear Marriage Cases Significant Moment For Nation

The Last Superstition A Refutation of the New Atheism

Answering the New Atheism Dismantling Dawkins' Case Against God

Politicizing The Bible: The Roots of Historical Criticism and the Secularization of Scripture 1300-1700

Building a Civilization of Truth and Love by Archbishop Cordileone

March for Marriage - 2014

USCCB Chairmen Concerned about Reported Executive Order

USCCB Chairman Responds to Recent Federal Court Decisions on Marriage

Supreme Court Decision on Marriage “A Tragic Error” Says President of Catholic Bishops’ Conference