A Just Social Agenda

(Note to Viewers: Protecting the dignity of the human person at all stages of life, is an example of an essential element for a just social agenda. Solidarity, is another important element in creating a just social agenda. For more information, check out Pro-Life & other Human Dignity Resources. Tweets are posted as a service. LPCA is not responsible for what is tweeted.)


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"Capitalism, infused with the Gospel, raises man to prosperity! Withut the Gospel infused; captalism by itself, enslves man!"-Nick Kovacs (2014)


The Social Agenda: A Collection of Magisterial Texts

Tea Party Catholic

Laudato Si

A Catechism for Business: Tough Ethical Questions and Insights from Catholic Teaching

Money, Greed, and God: Why Capitalism Is the Solution and Not the Problem

Michael Novak Is Capitalism Compatible With Christian Values

2014 Labor Day Statement Focuses on Unemployment Among Young People

Library Solidarity Is Not an Option but Duty - Catholic Culture

To participants in the Conference promoted by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace on "Impact Investing for the Poor" (16 June 2014)

Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church

Sollicitudo Rei Socialis (On Social Concerns)

Singulari Quadam (On Labor Organizations)

Rerum Novarum (On Capitol and Labor)

Quod Apostolici Muneris (On Socialism)

Dr. King’s search for the “Beloved Community” was really part of his search for the Kingdom of God

Statement on the 50th Anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

To new Ambassadors of Kyrgyzstan, Antigua and Barbuda, Luxembourg and Botswana accredited to the Holy See (16 May 2013)

Defending the Free Market The Moral Case for a Free Economy

Immigration and the Next America Renewing the Soul of Our Nation Archbishop Jose H. Gomez

Charity & Responsibility - YouTube

Economics, Reproductive Health and the Integrity of the Family

Labor Day 2011

Examination of 2011 Vatican financial document

"Humanae Vitae" Seen as Answer to Economic Crisis

Presidents Of Seven Catholic Bishops Conferences Urge Group Of 8 Countries To Take Bold Action On Urgent Global Problems

Cardinal McCarrick Joins Call for Immigration Reform

Health Care, Catholic Care, and Catholic Culture

Message for the 97th World Day of Migrants and Refugees, 2011 (September 27, 2010)

Fighting Poverty to Build Peace

Why There is No Church Teaching On the Health Care Bill

States Need Charity, Cardinal Contends

“Boehner’s Catholic Critics Rush to Protect Welfare State”

Bishops Urge Congress to Support Bill to Remedy Abortion, Conscience Flaws in Health Care Reform Law

Solidarity Is Grounded in the Mystery of the Triune God

Abortion No Stimulus for Economy

Bishops Offer Web Page to Clarify Health Reform

Eliminating Left and Right: An Economic First Step

Peace and Justice Come to Life in the Family, the First Champion of Human Rights

Iowa bishop warns against healthcare rationing, 'federal monopolization'

Common ground cannot be found by destroying the common good

Illegal immigrants have rights, archbishop says

Respect for life and protecting marriage are not just Catholic values, they are human values, declares the Pope

Prisoners Have Dignity, Says Benedict XVI

Pope Emphasizes Justice and Love to Businessmen

Don't Forget the Poor, U.S. Congress Is Urged

Culture, Development and Feminine Liberation

Archbishop Cordes Warns of Secularized Charity

Pope Urges Just Distribution of Goods

"Rerum Novarum" to "Mater et Magistra" By Father Jose Vidamor B. Yu

What the Church's Social Doctrine Is Built on

The Minimum Wage and Catholic Social Teaching

The Right to Migrate, According to Catholic Social Thought

QUADRAGESIMO ANNO (On Reconstruction of the Social Order)

Pope John Paul II - Church & Illegal Immigration

Mexican, U.S. Bishops Join in Favor of Immigrants

Mater et Magistra

Masters of the Dream

Life at the Bottom

Laborem Exercens

Government restrictions will eliminate spirituality that makes religious programs work

Get Government Out of the Way of Children: Another Option for Social Security Reform

American Life League blows the whistle: Want to save Social Security? Cure abortion!

Families Look to Government for More Support

Establishment of White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives

Economics According to John Paul II's Anthropology

Director Jim Towey Talks About Faith-Based and Community Initiatives ("The World Over" Air Date: 10/25/02)

Centesimus Annus

God and Capitalism

"Have You Heard? The Secret Is Getting Out"  

Economics 101

Holy See Address at International Labor Organization Conference

Pontifical Council Raises the Ante on Poverty

Dublin's Archbishop on Compendium of Social Doctrine

A Commitment to All Generations: Social Security and the Common Good

Archbishop Agostino Marchetto - On the First Anniversary of Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi

Free to Choose

Seekers of "American Dream" Need Extra Help

Benedict XVI on World Refugee Day

Benedict XVI Urges Gestures of Aid for Refugees

When Material Wealth Is Not Enough

Bishop Ricard on Debt Cancellation, and Aid to the Poor

Honduran Cardinal: Bishops Lobbied for Debt Cancellation

Parents Tax Relief Act: Best Pro-Family Legislation in Decades?

Cardinal O'Brien's Address to "Make Poverty History" Rally

Holy See Addresses U.N. Council on Debt Reduction

Holy See Urges Debt Reduction for More Countries

Pope calls on G8 leaders to ‘eradicate poverty, promote authentic development’ in Africa

When Debt Cancellation for Africa Isn't Enough

The Church and the Market: A Catholic Defense of the Free Economy

Helping Poorer Countries

Social Doctrine Could Aid Politicians, Says Cardinal

Bishop Ricard Welcomes Commitments Made At G8 Summit

It Takes a Family: Conservatism and the Common Good

Congressional Support Urged for G8 Debt Pact

Social Marketing: The Next Frontier For Social Conservatives


Labor Day Statement: Economic Progress: Looking Beyond the Numbers (1997)

Labor Day 2005: Time to Recall the Teaching of Pope John Paul II on Work and Workers

Benedict XVI Urges Solidarity in a Globalized World

Sharing Catholic Social Teaching: Challenges and Directions


Social Justice Review

Pope deplores Europe's plunging birth rate (2005)

General Audience, 31 August 2005 (Pope Benedict 16)

Without God, human efforts will fail, Pope says

Catholic Social Teaching (EWTN Series)

Back to School, Back to Parents

America and the Poor...

Pastoral Care of Immigrants a Priority in Mexico and U.S., Says Pope

Inconsistency of Catholics Feeds Social Woes, Warns Pontiff

Summi Pontificatus (On the Unity of Human Society)

Holy See Promotes Millennium Goals at U.N.

Vatican backs goals and objectives of the summit, Cardinal Sodano to United Nations

Pell warns on curtailing unions

God, Man, and Money, or How to Succeed in Business Without Going to Hell

The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

Catholic Social Thought and Liberal Institutions

The Catholic Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism

Three in One

Colorado bishops support state tax referendum, say: government must protect the weak

Federal Social Programs and Catholic Principles

The Truth About Catholic Social Teachings

Web Site Specializes in Church's Social Doctrine

God and Capitalism

Putting Work in Perspective

Toward a Moral Economic Life

Will Families Benefit from Tax Reform?

Migrations Seen as Opportunity for Evangelization

Should We Focus Just on Abortion?

Benedict XVI's Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees

2-Parent Families and Poverty

See Migrants and Refugees as Jesus Would, Urges Pope

Principled Catholic Social Action

Pope Urges Public Help for Big Families

Holy See Statement on Sustainable Development

A Decalogue on Ethics and Environment

France's End

A Christian View of Man and Nature

Holy See's Intervention in U.N. on Refugees

Economy and Solidarity Go Together, Says Pontiff

Thanks FEMA, but No Thanks

Papal Address to Academies of Sciences and Social Sciences

Papal Address to Participants in U.N. Food Conference

Labor Day 2004: Global Trade That Works for All

Looking for immigration solutions

U.S. Economic and Security Interests Enhanced by Moral Trade Agreements-Letter to US Trade Representative on Free Trade Agreement with the Andean Nations of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru

Cardinal McCarrick Urges Bush to Protect Poor

Cardinal McCarrick Urges President Bush: ‘Protect the Interests of the Poor’ in Trade Negotiations

Arizona bishops release dramatic letter on immigration

French Riots Require a Positive Reply, Says Benedict XVI

Holy See at World Trade Organization Conference

Free Market Must Lead to Drop in Poverty, Says Holy See

Bishop calls for respect for dignity of immigrants

Catholics must stand in solidarity with all migrants, urge US bishops

No Peace Where There's Hunger, Says Benedict XVI

A Marriage of Family and Education

Canadian Bishops Propose More Help for Immigrants

Benedict XVI Speaks Up for Migrants and Refugees

Moral Truth and the End of Man

Bishop Loverde honors Dr. King, calls for more African American priests

Storm Arises Over School Vouchers

'Free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last' by Raymond de Souza

Force Can't Fix Migration Problems, Say Mexican Bishops

Globalization's Challenges

"Deus Caritas Est," Social Encyclical

Bishop Urges U.S. House to Reject Budget Deal

Southern African Bishops Address Human Trafficking

Holy See Address on Social Development

Holy See Proposes 3 Keys to Eradicate Poverty

Giving to God, Giving to Caesar

Social Doctrine: Not Just for Catholics

"Deus Caritas Est" and the Identity of Caritas Internationalis

Holy See Address to Food and Agriculture Conference in Mali

Social Teaching Offers Common Ground, Says Cardinal

Capitalism in the Dock

Immigration Calls for Countries to Work Jointly, Says Pontiff

Populorum Progressio

Message of His Holiness Benedict XVI for Lent 2006

Welfare and Charity: Lessons from Victorian England

Bishops’ President Calls for Congress to Make Poor People a Priority When Making Budget Decisions

Fr. Jerome Magat talks about The Theology of Work ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 3/15/2006)

Benedict XVI's Homily on Feast of St. Joseph

Work Should Not Rule Man, Warns Pope 

Holy See's Update of "Water, an Essential Element for Life"

Access to Water Seen as a Factor for Peace

Colorado Catholic bishops: respect, human dignity must presuppose any meaningful immigration reform

Holy See Address at U.N. Food Conference

Benedict XVI's Homily at Mass for All Workers

Church Concerned Over U.S. Immigration Bill

U.S. Bishops Hail Debt Plan for Poor Nations

Archbishop of San Antonio: United States was built by immigrants

Tocqueville's Influence on "Deus Caritas Est"

Immigration Bill "a Good Start," Says Episcopate

Holy See: Respect for Immigrants' Rights Aids Host Nation

Shift Urged in Population Policies

Holy See on People-Centered Population Policies

Holy See on Agrarian Reform

The Morality Of Race In America

San Antonio Archbishop says human dignity, families are at heart of immigration debate

On Christmas, compassion and immigration reform  by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput (12/21/05)

LOR - Statement on Globalization and Education (2005)

More Prisons Won't Stop Crime, Says Cardinal

Papal Message to Academy of Social Sciences

A Catholic perspective on immigration ("The World Over" Air Dates: 4/28/2006, 6/2/2006, 9/29/2006 and 5/25/2007)

Sustainability of the French Social Model

On the Plight of Migrant Workers

Bishop Ricard letter on immigration (4/2006)

Avoiding the Demographic Decline

Clear Thinking on Immigration

Executive Salaries That Raise Eyebrows

Holy See Backs a "Human Ecology"

Holy See's U.N. Address on Human Ecology

Erga Migrantes Caritas Christi

Suggestion Made for Battling Hunger in Latin America

On Social Communication

Mary Ann Glendon on U.S. Immigration Policy

Moral Values Help Businesses, Says Cardinal

Immigration Bill Hailed as "Critical First Step"

Bishop Barnes on U.S. Immigration Policy

Principled Immigration

Christian Business Leaders Called to Serve

Cardinal's U.N. Address on Fight Against AIDS

Corruption Seen as a Threat to Democracies

Papal Address to Assembly of Council for Migrants

Labor Exploited in Rich Nations Too, Says Cardinal

Globalization Leaving Many Behind, Says Holy See

Statement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform by Bishop William Skylstad (6/15/2006)

Benedict XVI Speaks Up for Refugees' Rights

Pope John XXIII Community

Challenges of Migration and Islamic Countries

Conclusions on Migration to and From Islamic Countries

Aid to Families Builds Social Unity, Says Pontiff

Pope Says Globalization Can Help Fight Poverty

Archbishop Tomasi's Address to U.N. Council

Holy See Supports Aim to Provide Work

Colorado bishops urge lawmakers to enact just immigration legislation

Searching for Happiness


New "Dictatorship" Threatens Future, Bishop Says

Barring Faith

Pontifical Council Calls for Equity in Trade

Pontifical Council's Statement on Trade Meeting

Orthodox, Catholics Unite in Conserving Creation

Immigration: Catholic Thought on Social Issues

Archbishop Chaput urges civility, compassion in immigration debate

Secure Borders With Better Laws, Urges Bishop

Free Trade Agreement outside purview of Church’s mission, bishop says

Beware of Too Much Activity, Says Pope

A Labor Day Reflection on Immigration and Work

Most Rev. Robert J. Baker talks about stewardship ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 8/23/2006)

Cardinal Martino on "Deus Caritas Est"

Bishop Crepaldi on "Deus Caritas Est"

Katrina and the poor

New Zealand Bishops on the Environment

Pope tells Germans social work is not enough, faith is needed


Pope Hopes U.N. Reform Can Aid Poorest Nations

Broad Immigration-Reform Bill Urged

Abortion and Catholic Social Teaching

The Small Problem of Suburban Sprawl

On Humanitarianism and Animal Rights

Christianity and Globalization

Holy See's Plea for Least Developed Countries

Holy See Urges Solidarity With Poor Nations

Man Isn't a Product, Says Cardinal Martino

Serving the poor ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 9/20/2006)

U.S. Bishops Back Bill for Those With Disabilities

Benedict XVI's first encyclical, Deus Caritas est ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 9/27/2006)

300 Million, Social Security, and Solvency

New Secretary of States Proposes to Favor the Poor

Politics Can Be Charity Work, Says Pope

Holy See and U.N. Reform

At U.N., Holy See Links Peace With Development

Social Doctrine Compendium Seen as Tool for Peace

Document Focuses on Fight Against Corruption

Toward a Global Common Good

Vatican Document on Corruption

300 Million and Immigration: Separating the Issues

God Is Not Against the Rich, Says Father Cantalamessa

Vatican Statement on U.N. Partnership for Africa

Holy See's Appeal for Migrants and Refugees

Papal Message for World Food Day

300 Million and the Environment

Father Cantalamessa on Power

On Welcoming the Stranger: The Christian Response in the Present Debate Over the Reform of Immigration Legislation by Archbishop Raymond Leo Burke (2006)

Pope Sees Paradox: Lots of Goods, Lack of Meaning

Benedict XVI Urges Laws That Favor Integration

Holy See Address on Development and Ecology

Weeding Out Corruption

Social Doctrine From A to Z

Holy See's Address on Defense of Refugees

Holy See's Address on the Right to Food

Hedonistic Culture and the Global Market

Christian Judgment on Neo-liberalism

Our Suicidal Northern Neighbor

A Plea to End World Hunger

Lord Brian Griffiths on Globalization

Holy See at U.N. on Eradication of Poverty

Fight Against Poverty Aids Peace, Says Holy See

Message for World Day of Migrants and Refugees

Suicide of the West?

Holy See Address at U.N. on Humanitarian Aid

Safety Net for Unorganized Workers Is Urged

Web Page Dedicated to Justice and Peace

Nigeria's Oil: Boon or Doom?

Africa's Uneven Growth

Generosity in America

Irish Exceptionalism At an End?

Defense of Life and Values Go Together, Says Pope

Regard for Natural and "Human" Ecology Urged

Pontiff Links Peace With Respect for Women

The Problem with Shrinkage

Pontiff Exhorts Political Leaders to Listen to Civil Society

George Weigel on "Deus Caritas Est"

Microcredits, Big Hopes

Motherless Russia

National Migration Week to Focus on ‘Welcoming Christ in the Migrant’

The New Global Leader in Demographic Decline

Raise Federal Minimum Wage, Catholic Bishops Urge Congress

Hunger Is Unacceptable in 2007, Says Pope

Markets and Morality

Pope: Poverty Is Problem for All

Archbishop calls for urgent immigration reform

The European Demographic Crisis and the Pope

Migration Is Boon for Society, Says Pope

On Migrant Families

U.S. Bishops Remind Congress That Budgets Reflect Moral Choices; Urge Appropriate Funding to Help Poor and Vulnerable

Immigration Issue a Key Test, Says U.S. Prelate

China's Gender Crisis

China's One-Child Policy Tips Scales

China's Second Thoughts About Family Planning

Secularism's Demographic Conundrum

Social Doctrine Study Centers to Open in Asia

Eunuchs for the Green Kingdom

U.S. Bishops Call for Moral Focus on Global Climate Change; New Report Demands Urgent Attention

The Christian Sense of Progress

Vatican Statement to U.N. on Labor

Father Cantalamessa on the Rich-Poor Divide

Caritas: The World Can't Wait for Aid

Pope's Address at Vaccine Project Launch

CEDAW Makes a Comeback

Papal Message for Lent 2007

UNICEF Too Ambiguous on Gender, Says Observatory

Father Cantalamessa on the Golden Rule

On the Revolution of Love

Europe's Cultural Imperialism

State cannot do without Church’s social work, says Spanish archbishop

On Immigration in the Melting Pot

Instruction on Christian Freedom and Liberation

Immigration Schizophrenia


Bishop Sgreccia Assails de Facto Unions

The Exhortations of "Sacramentum Caritatis"

Globalize Solidarity, Urges Benedict XVI

Care for Poor in Federal Budget, Catholic Bishops Urge Congress

Pope: Church and Society Need the Handicapped

National Catholic Leaders Call on Congress to Strengthen Child Health Insurance Program

Pontiff Calls Water an Inalienable Right

Globalization and the Sea

Pope Calls for Revaluing Human Side of Work

Conscience in Developing Countries

Charity Leads to Peace, Says Pontiff

Vatican's Address to U.N. on Population

Not Just a Material World

Message for World Water Day

India's Bishops Decry Workers Left Behind

Pontiff Urges G8 to Focus on Poverty

Pope Speaks Up for the Environment

Gunnar Myrdal Was Right

Official Warns Against Idolizing Nature

Mary Ann Glendon's Concluding Speech

Papal Message to Social Sciences Academy


Catholic Social Doctrine More Than Mere Policy

On "Deus Caritas Est" and International Charity

Pontiff Hopes G-8 Focuses on Poverty

Nature, Man and God

Archbishop: Current Energy Model Must Change

Profiting From Virtue

Prelate Urges Faith Formation to Fight Poverty

Fr. Apostoli talks about the works of mercy ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 5/16/2007)

Pope to Brazil's Bishops: Give Christ to the Poor

Vatican Address to U.N. Forum on Indigenous Issues

Address of Former Mexican Minister to Social Science Academy

Pope: Globalization Needs Solidarity

People Worth More Than Things, Says Pontiff

EWTN THEOLOGY ROUNDTABLE - A Catholic Conscience - YouTube

Agreement On Bipartisan Trade Policy Is ‘Significant Step Forward,’ Bishop Wenski Says

Conclusions on Migration to and from Islamic Countries

Contribution to Social Science Academy Meeting

Giving Globalization a Positive Spin

The Church's stand on welfare -- a Catholic perspective

Combating Underpopulation: Encouraging the World to Have Larger Families

Archbishop Chaput: Immigration proposal merits support

Benedict XVI Encourages Ethical Ecology

Dr. Alveda King to Congressman Rangel: “Save the Babies, Save Social Security”

Benedict XVI Urges Protection of Refugees

Business & entrepreneurship with a Christian conscience ("The World Over" Air Date: 7/6/2007)

Family Needs State Support, Says Pontiff

Failure to pass immigration reform bill a loss for everyone by Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Is There a Vocation to Business?

Labor Day 2007: A Time to Remember; A Time to Recommit

Catholic Church Leaders Urge Senate To Increase Funding For Development, Humanitarian Needs Abroad

The Theology of Giving

On Wealth and Poverty

Benedict XVI's Concern for Creation

A Hijacking in Progress

Pope Benedict XVI calls for food to recognized as a universal human right

Escaping Poverty: Interview With Archbishop Silvano Tomasi

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin on "Populorum Progressio"

Foundation of Catholic Social Doctrines

A Catholic Defense of the Free Market


Real Social Justice

Cardinal Renato Raffaele Martino - Ecology in the Light of the Social Doctrine of the Catholic Church: Man in Relation to the World 

U.S. bishops’ 2008 Labor Day statement

Benedict on Saving the Planet, Impromptu

A Catholic look at the financial crisis ("The World Over" Air Date: 9/26/2008)

Bishops Urge Congress, Bush Administration to Find Moral Response to Financial Crisis

The Socialization of Property

Solidarity at a Time of Economic Crisis by the USCCB

Bishops Address Opportunities, Challenges for New President, Congress

Pope Calls for Promotion of Universal Human Rights

Is Catholic Social Teaching Inherently Liberal?

The Economy, in This World and the Next


The Pope's gift to the President and to us

Benedict's Third Encyclical: A Summary

The Problem(s) with Federal Health Care

Cardinal Rigali Urges House Committee to Support Pro-Life Amendments to Health Care Reform Bill

 Prospecting for Subsidiarity

Fr. Pacwa's Interview on the Health Care Bill

The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

President of U.S. Bishops says Cost is too High, Loss is too Great for Health Care Bill not to be Revised

Health Care for Life and for All

Theology Roundtable - A Catholic View On Immigration - YouTube

Bishop Murphy Calls for New Social Contract for ‘New Things’ in Today’s Economy in Labor Day Statement

Bishops to House of Representatives: Fix Flaws or Vote No on Health Reform Bill

Flawed law unintentionally shows urgent need for immigration reform by Archbishop Chaput


Subsidiarity and Solidarity are Inseparable

Labor Day Statement Says Renewed Respect For Workers Is Key To Renewed Economy

Subsidiarity, solidarity, and the lay mission by Bishop Morlino

The Fourth Rupture TV Series of Eternal Word Television Network, Global Catholic Network

The Catholicity of Paul Ryan’s Budget

Archbishop Dolan and Rep. Paul Ryan Exchange Positive Letters on the Budget

What the Popes Really Say About Socialism

Archbishop Gomez's Statement on Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Pope Francis Homily for inaugural Mass of Petrine Ministry 2013

Visit to the St. Francis of Assisi of the Providence of God Hospital (24 July 2013)

The Virgin and the Dynamo Use and Abuse of Religion in Environmental Debates

Visit to the Community of Varginha (25 July 2013)

Exsul Familia Nazarethana

Labourday and the dignity of work-2015


Lenten Letter 2016: Pope Francis

Pope Francis' 2017 World Day of the Poor Homily

51st World Day of Peace 2018: migrants and refugees - men and women in search of peace

Bishop John Paprocki's 2018 Newspaper Collumn on Unions - Lex Cordis Caritas - The law of the heart is Love: I respectfully Disagree