Political Parties and Political Ideologies

(Note to Viewers: Discussing political parties in this section, doesn't mean an endorsement to a specific political party.

Being P ro-Life, Pro-Traditional Marriage, and Pro-Religion, are some examples of the necessary requirements that a political party must have, in order for a Catholic to support. Information is provided as a service.)


"Raise a banner of bold colors, not pale pastels. Do not compromise our principles in the mistaken belief that we will be rewarded at the ballot box. On the contrary, that would put the Republican Party on the road to oblivion."-Roland Reagan, CPAC 1975

Blue Collar Conservatives Recommitting to an America That Works

Assault and Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women

Hillary's America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party

2016 Republican Party platform hailed as most pro-life, pro-family ever

GOP 2016 Party Platform - pdf

A brief history of the five kinds of conservatism

From Dante to Shakespeare

From the King James Bible to Samuel Johnson (1600 - 1750)

What went wrong? The bad seeds sowed from Bacon to Kant

The founders of modern conservatism

The cataclysm of states (1861 - 1865)

The depredations of modernism (1820 - 1920)

The five kinds of conservatism: listed by order of first historical appearance

The one world cult, Darwin, and Einstein

Modernism's war against the past: Freud, James, Dewey, and the conservative reaction in the early twentieth century

The one and the many versus multiculturalism

The founding of the 20th century conservative movement: The restoration of traditionalism

Conservatism gains political traction from Wilson to Taft (1912 - 1952)

From Buckley to Reagan (1960 - 1988)

Natural law and conservatism

The fault lines of conservatism: finding a new unity

The rise of the neoconservatives (2000 - 2008)

The Party of Civil Rights

Andrew Jackson Creates A Democracy – Dick Morris TV: History Video!

Liberalism Must we really make it all on our own - Catholic Culture

2008 text of the Republican Platform

2008 text of the Democratic Platform

Full Text of the 2012 Democratic Platform

Full Text of the 2012 Republican Platform

Conscience and Its Enemies

How The Christian Right Spawned Feminism And Women’s Suffrage! Dick Morris TV: History Video!

U.S. bishop slams Dem platform for endorsing ‘intrinsic evils’

American Progressivism (Book)

The Emergence of Political Parties In America! Dick Morris TV: History Video!

History of Class Warfare – Dick Morris TV: History Video!

Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Liberalism

American Progressivism (Glenn Beck e-news)

American Conservatism: An Encyclopedia

Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America

Control Freaks: 7 Ways Liberals Plan to Ruin Your Life

Archbishop Burke talks about Dems as the ‘party of death’ and denying Communion

The ‘High Tide of American Conservatism’ and Where We are Today

Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto

The Bleak Legacy of “Progress”

The Pledge to America Reflects Our Commitment to Life

A Pledge to America from the Republican Party

The New Reagan Revolution

Conservative Victory Defeating Obama's Radical Agenda

Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline

Don't Tread on (My Womb)

Democrats for dead babies

What's Wrong with Liberalism?

A Choice Not An Echo

Liberal Fascism

The New, New Democratic Platform on Life

Republican Party Platform Language on Abortion Stronger and More Comprehensive Than Ever

Sean Hannity's message to the GOP - Articles - The Sean Hannity Show

The Stupid Party

Cardinal Says Catholic Support for Pro-Abortion Democrats Scandalous

Ramesh Ponnuru talks about the Anti-Life ideologies of the Democrat Party ("The World Over" Air Date: 6/16/2006)

Why I'm Rooting for the Religious Right

Why the Democrats Are Blue: How Secular Liberals Hijacked the People's Party

Can a Catholic Be a Democrat?

Why I am a Catholic Democrat

Why I Am a Catholic Republican

Why I Am a Catholic Libertarian

Why the Democrats Are Blue: A Conversation with Mark Stricherz

Onward Christian Soldiers: The Growing Political Power of Catholics and Evangelicals in the United States

Who Are the Neoconservatives? An Interview with Michael Novak


Trading Places

Rudy's party -- or Reagan's?

Liberal Hawks, an Endangered Species

Hurting your country

How To Talk To Democrats About Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Republicans and Evangelicals

Republican Party - 2004 Platform

Democratic Party - 2004 Platform

Criss-Cross: Democrats, Republicans, and Abortion

Pat Buchanan- In the long run, is the GOP dead - Conservative News

Democrats for Life: Pro-Life Politics and the Silenced Majority by Kristen Day

Catholic support waning for Labour Party, says Scottish bishop

Catholic pundit offers advice to Republican Party

How the Catholic Left and Pro-Abortion Democrats Are Preparing for the 2006 and 2008 Elections - March 4, 2005

Ten Things Republicans Must Do to Keep the Religious Vote - August 27, 2006

Civil Rights Version: Democrats and Republicans in Their Own Words

Biblical Comparison of Democrats and Republicans in Their Own Words

Black support for Bush drops to two percent

What Color is a Conservative


The intellectual and moral bankruptcy of today's Democratic Party


Neocons: Some Memories 

How to Speak Liberal . . .

Life vs. Death

The Truth About the Religious Right

Iain Duncan Smith: Lessons From England's Compassionate Conservative

Wanted: Pro-Life Democrats

Republican Party Leader: Pro-Life View on Abortion Helps GOP at Polls

The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy

The Party of Death: The Democrats, the Media, the Courts, and the Disregard for Human Life

Two Reasonable Parties Best Would Serve America

Immigration Threatens GOP Hispanic Outreach

A Leadership Lacking Spirit

Why the Left Hates Sex

Republicans At The Forefront Of Civil Rights

EWTN - 2012 Major Party Platforms

Indentured Families

Should Republicans fear the overturning of Roe v. Wade?

Political Correctness: A Short History of an Ideology

A Party That Doesn't Invite Pro-Lifers

Conscience Conservatism: Because "Compassion" Alone Is Not Enough

Conservatism: Preparing Our Nation For A Better Future

The left hates inequality, not evil

Off-Year Elections: Exit the Republicans?

The Threat of Political Correctness


Survey of Republican Delegates Shows Majority Pro-Life on Abortion (8/29/2004)

Republican Convention Approves Platform Opposing Abortion, Assisted Suicide (8/31/2004)

The Conservative Future: Compassion 

Party of Life

The Great Temptation of the GOP

Pro-Life Speakers at GOP Convention Discuss Abortion, Stem Cell Research (9/1/2004)

Democrats Herald Culture of Death

The Democratic Party on Abortion, Then and Now: Comparing the Platforms

National Party No More: The Conscience of a Conservative Democrat

Mary Meehan on Democrats for Life (Part I)

Mary Meehan on Democrats for Life (Part II) 

The Conservative Revolution

An Unlikely Conservative: The Transformation of a Renegade Democrat [or how I Became the Most Hated Hispanic in America] by Linda Chaves

The Far Right in America

Democrats for Life (Fr. Frank Pavone's Bi-weekly Column-6/6/2005)

Dean on Defense-The “White Christian” party

Prayers for an Old Radical

Pro-Life Democrats Continue to Reform Party's Pro-Abortion Image

A Compromised Party

Why Blue-Collar Catholics Won’t Vote Republican

A Little Senate History from the 1960s

The Conservative Revolt

Democratic National Convention “over the top” in its abortion advocacy

Democrats’ Position: More abortions, without apology, paid for by you

Part Three The Republican National Convention—“Five Takeaways” NRL News Today



Crazies to the Left of Me, Wimps to the Right: How One Side Lost Its Mind and the Other Lost Its Nerve

Leadership Lip Service

How to Talk to Democrats About Abortion: Five Strategies for Making the Pro-Life Case

Pulling the Plug: Five Strategies for Talking to Democrats About Euthanasia

A New Republican Party?


Where The Right Went Wrong

The Tea Party Manifesto

How The Republicans Lost The Black Vote – Dick Morris TV: History Video!

The Need For Conservative Unity in 2008   

The Next Conservatism

The Next Conservatism: The Centrality of Culture

Next Conservatism: The Danger of the State

The Danger to the State

The Next Conservatism: The Danger of the Ideological State

The Next Conservatism #6: A Foreign Policy for Americans

Restoring the Republic

The Next Conservative Economics

The Next Conservatism #9: Country Life

The Next Conservatism #10: Conservative New Urbanism

The Next Conservatism #11: Think Locally, Act Locally

Next Conservatism #12: Restoring the Reality Principle

The Next Conservatism: Readers’ Responses

Next Conservatism #14: Readers’ Responses, Continued

Next Conservatism #15: What is Cultural Marxism?

Next Conservatism #16: The Next Conservatism and National Defense

The Next Conservatism #17: The Next Conservatism and Fourth Generation War

Next Conservatism #18: Immigration

The Next Conservatism #19: The Public Space

The Next Conservatism #20: Where Are We?

The Next Conservatism #21: Where Are We In Politics?

The Next Conservatism #22: A House of Cards

The Next Conservatism #23: Turning It Around

The Next Conservatism #24: The Next Conservatism and The Republican Party  

The Next Conservatism #25: The Next Conservatism and the Democratic Party

The Next Conservatism #26: The Next Conservatism and the Role of Third Parties

The Next Conservatism #27: A Post-Literate Culture

The Next Conservatism #28: The Next Conservatism and Education

The Next Conservatism #29: The Next Conservative Energy Policy

The Next Conservatism #30: The Next Conservatism and Conservation

The Next Conservatism #31: The Next Conservatism and Race

The Next Conservatism #32: The Grand Strategic Context, Part 1

The Next Conservatism #33: The Grand Strategic Context, Part II

The Next Conservatism #34: The Next Conservatism and Small Business

The Next Conservatism #35: Good New Taxes

The Next Conservatism #36: The Next Conservatism and Labor

The Next Conservatism # 37 - Tort Litigation Reform

The Next Conservatism #38: The Next Conservatism Grand Strategy By William S. Lind

The Next Conservatism #39: The Next Conservatism and "Crunchy Cons"

The Next Conservatism #40: Why Sex is Better than Gender

The Next Conservatism # 41: Will The Next Conservatism Be Patriotic or Nationalist?

The Next Conservatism #42: The Next Conservatism and Homeland Security

The Next Conservatism # 43: What Might the Fall Elections Say About the Next Conservatism?

The Next Conservatism #44: The Next Conservatism and Power

The Next Conservatism #45: The Next Conservatism Movement

The Next Conservatism #46: Why the Next Conservatism Needs a New Movement

The Next Conservatism #47: Building the Next Conservative Movement

The Next Conservatism # 48: The Next Conservatism and Materialism

The Next Conservatism # 49: Why the Next Conservatism Should Bring Back Streetcars

The Next Conservatism #50: A Retrospective


The Next Conservatism, A Serious Agenda for the Future

Worshipping the State: How Liberalism Became Our State Religion

Bill O'Reilly Liberal versus conservative Americans Fox News

Americans oppose Democrat plank forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion: poll

2016 Comparison Of Republican and Democrat Parties

Rediscovering Americanism: And the Tyranny of Progressivism

Billionaire at the Barricades: The Populist Revolution from Reagan to Trump


The Big Lie: Exposing the Nazi Roots of the American Left


Death of a Nation: Plantation Politics and the Making of the Democratic Party