Saying Goodbye

CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter

October 20, 2004


Dear Friend,

This will be the last e-letter I write for Crisis magazine. But this
weekly letter is just too important for us to let it whither away.
And so, next week I'll hand this over to my more-than-able editor
Brian Saint-Paul. He will continue to keep you informed about what's
going on in politics, culture, and the Church -- especially about the
stories the mainstream media refuses to report. I know you'll enjoy
getting to know him, and will welcome him as generously as you've
welcomed me. (Just don't let him try to sell you on any of his rather
eccentric eating habits, or you might end up in a restaurant with
live animals in the back room.)

We have accomplished much with this e-letter. Started only two years
ago, it has quickly grown to over 34,000. It has become a force in
the Church, and a voice in the political and cultural debates. I know
this will continue.

As for me, I'm already at work on my book about Catholics in
politics and preparing for the new institute I'll be directing under
the umbrella of the Morley Publishing Group, Inc. Brian will keep you
updated on how that's proceeding. He's also requested regular news on
Chippy so that he can pass that onto you.

One last thing before I leave: I truly love Crisis Magazine. That's
why I gave 10 years of my life to work for its success. And that's
also why I want to make one final pitch for the publication that has
helped so many, and has made such a tremendous impact on our culture
and Church.

You probably remember that I used to offer a special $10
subscription deal a couple times a year. Well, I'm going to do it
again right now. There's nothing that would make me happier than to
see as many people as possible take advantage of this.

Here it is:

If you don't subscribe to Crisis, you can get a new 1-year
subscription for $10.

If you're already a reader (God bless you!), you can renew your
subscription for 1 year for $10.

And if you know someone else who you think might enjoy and benefit
from Crisis, you can give them a gift subscription for $10.

You can do all this by clicking on this link:

This is the perfect time to give a Crisis subscription as a
Christmas gift. Would your parish library or your pastor benefit from
Crisis? What about a child, battling dissent and liberalism as a
college student?

Please, take advantage of this opportunity. The offer is only good
until Monday, Noon EST. 

Help me make this the best subscription drive we've ever had. I want
to leave Crisis stronger than it has ever been. Not only will it
increase the magazine's already considerable influence, but it will
drive our critics absolutely crazy. It's a win/win situation!

In closing, it has been a true joy to write you these letters each
week. As I pass the torch, I want to thank you for your friendship,
your loyalty, and your wonderful support. It really got me through.

In friendship,



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