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Web Sites Dealing With the Pro-Life Cause and Other Human Dignity Issues


LPCA Link Disclaimer:  

Even though the following web sites, and tweets have been screened, LPCA is not responsible for the information that is posted on the sites, nor any maintenance of them. As a service, LPCA has posted the sites (Catholic, non-Catholic, interreligious, and secular) in order to provide you with resources to help you protect the dignity of the human person. It must be said that even though a majority of the websites on this page is American, LPCA has done its best to provide when possible, international sites. It is also important to mention, that because LPCA has a Catholic worldview, LPCA must remind viewers that non-Catholic Pro-Life sites, can at times support contraception, and abortion in the case of rape and incest. Even though non-Catholic Pro-Life sites can have imperfections in the Pro-Life ideology, their resources are still a great service and benefit for Catholics.


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"The real enemy against life is not the woman who has an abortion, the doctor who performs an abortion, or the politician who promotes abortion, but is Satan; the father of death and lies." (Nick Kovacs, 2008)