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Catholic Pinups


In our society today, the culture is presenting a distorted image of masculinity and femininity. Men and women are being turned into sexual objects, and their human dignity is being denied. Men are being told that their dream girl is someone like the provocative Britney Spears, forcing women to believe that they must emulate Britney Spears in order to attract men. This emulation of Britney Spears by women, has created a market of pinups of the singer. With women, society tells them that their dream man is someone like the physically fit Brad Pitt, forcing men to believe that they must emulate Brad Pitt in order to attract women. Marketers have even made pinups of Brad Pitt, because of this emulation. 

The purpose of this section which is titled Catholic Pinups, is dedicated to giving a Catholic perspective of emulation, by posting true examples of real women and manly men who are canonized saints, and are in the process of canonization. Since our Catholic faith covers a long period of history, starting with our Jewish brothers and sisters in the Old Testament, it is difficult to make a list of holy people worthy of emulation. Please know that the list created is not limited to the names selected, but is just a small sample of some holy men and women who are worthy of emulation and recognition.


The List Of Holy Men & Woman Is As Follows:

Real Women Manly Men