Miscellaneous Topics

(Note to Viewers: The following resources touch upon many topics. Some examples of the topics covered deal with culture, evangelization, and other Catholic faith issues.)

Priesthood of Believers

23 Ways To Identify A Faithful Parish

Satan and Saints: Taking the Prince of Darkness Seriously

There's More to Prayer Than "Saying Our Prayers"

God's Gift of Forgiveness: A Pastoral Exhortation on the Sacrament of Penance & Reconciliation

The Advent Debate

Fraternal Correction


The Truth About Conscience

Angels and Demons is False - Steven Greydanus

Reiki Therapy Unscientific, ‘Inappropriate for Catholic Institutions,’ Say Bishops’ Guidelines

The Goods of the Church at Work, Elsewhere

Holland's Post-Secular Future

Grievances against the Church? Leave Me out of It!

Just Exactly Where is the Church? Unam Sanctam, Vatican II, and the Salvation of Non-catholics

A New Apologetics

Moving Away From Religion Toward Christianity

A Report on the Crisis in the Catholic Church in New Zealand

U.S. Bishops Express Support for Bishop D’arcy and His Pastoral Concern for the University of Notre Dame

Are God's Ways Fair?

The Brighter Side of Hell

A Cardinal Virtue

Everything's Up To Date In Kansas City

The Harvest of Justice is Sown in Peace

The Meaning of Dogma

When to Set Up Christmas Decorations

Flickers of Catholic-Orthodox Unity

Hope and Serenity Among the Thorns

No Room at the Inn by Fr. Pavone (12/5/2005)

God is Patient by Fr. Pavone (12/19/2005)

"A Society Without God Ends Up as a Society Against Man"

The Body's Forgotten Ally: A Brief Defense Of Corporal Mortification

Religion's Impact on Bodily Health

John Paul II's Last Lesson; Cryptic Warning

Encountering Christ in the Gospel | Excerpts from Cardinal Christoph Schönborn's My Jesus

The tyranny of therapism


1954 Autobiography of Rabbi Who Converted Is Published

Taking On a Secular Society

Living by a Mother's Rule of Life

Humility Defeats Power of Devil, Says Vatican's Vicar

Our Triune God

The Inequalities of Equality, or All Things Being Equal, Not Everything Can Be Equal

Liturgy, Catechesis, and Conversion

The Liturgy Lived: The Divinization of Man

The Church Is the Goal of All Things

The Problem of Evil

You are Weird; God is Odd

Pilgrim' Progress Faith of our Fathers

The Missing Madonna

"Appropriate Attitude Toward the Jewish People"

Why Another Course on Exorcism and Satanism

Psychology Rediscovers the Power of Forgiveness

Father Cantalamessa on the Kingdom of Heaven

Italian Exorcists Dispel Misconceptions

Why a Course on Satanism and Exorcism

Religions vs. Spirituality

Eugenio Zolli's Path to Rome

The Apocalyptic Religion of Radical Environmentalism

Hearing and Living the Truth

The Making of The Exorcism of Emily Rose

Reflection on Youth and the Drive To Be Beautiful

Father Cantalamessa on Fraternal Correction

Christians, Culture and Recreation

Behold the Great Outdoors

A Force of Grace

Parable of the Wheat and Tares

Foreword to A History of Apologetics

The Source of Certitude | Epilogue to Faith and Certitude

Faith Fact-Hold Fast What Is Good: On Borrowing Forms of Meditation from Eastern Religions

Father Cantalamessa on True Patience

Father Cantalamessa on Heaven's Insurance

Holy See on Small Arms and Light Weapons

Father Cantalamessa on Choosing the Twelve Apostles

Father Cantalamessa Explains a New Way of Suffering

Predictability: The Curse of the Spiritually Unprepared

EBAY Bows to Boycott!

Executive Pay: Over the Top?

Spam, Pornography, Fertility and the American Way

The Sacraments Through the Ages

Star Wars Culture

Of Weeds & Fairy Tales: The Idylls, Idols & Devils That Corrupt the Moral Imagination

Value That Goes Beyond the Bottom Line

Where Bishops Blog

Aquinas' Timely Pedagogic Proposals

Sts. Cyril and Methodius Unite Catholics and Orthodox

St. Paul Abbey, a Truly Benedictine Monastery

Athens, New Stage in Ecumenical Journey

The Gifts and the Charisms of The Holy Spirit

The Spirit and His Gifts by Marcellino D’Ambrosio

Anointing of the Sick: Medicine for Sinners

Why Go to Confession?

Invasion of the Catholic Bloggers

What Blogs Do Catholic Bloggers Read?

When Young People Fool with Satanism

"Boredom" Greatest Sin in Media, Says Archbishop

Exorcist on Satan Not Having Last Word

Father Cantalamessa on Multiplying the Loaves


Discovering the New Faithful | An interview with Colleen Carroll Campbell

Ignoring A Hate Crime?

The Argument from Desire

Temperance: Harmony in the Soul

Hispanic Catholics Searching for God in U.S.

Greene's True Colours

The Blind-Obedience Myth

World Council of Churches Ready for Ecumenical Dialogue

Victim Soul

The Canon of Criticism

Culture in Crisis

The Cross - For Us

Religious Freedom in Canada

Freedom of Conscience, Tudor Style

Russian Orthodox Official Hopeful for a Prompt Beatification

I Just Don't See It

The Priest With The Catholic Response

The Journalist and the Controversial Cardinal | An Interview with Tess Livingstone

Catholics & Science Fiction | An Interview with Sandra Miesel

"Gaudium et Spes" at 40; Mulling Over Islam

Father Cantalamessa's Good Friday Sermon

A Perspective From Across the Pond | A Conversation with Dwight Longenecker

Objections, Obstacles, Acceptance: An Interview with J. Budziszewski

Giuseppina Sciascia - The Silent Summer of '44

Origins of a Sinister Calumny Against the Jews

Neither Tyrant Nor Tree-Hugger

Father Cantalamessa on the Transfiguration

The Truth and the Lie

Cardinal George Pell - On True and False Conscience

Hear No Evil—My Perspective on Rock Music

Valentine's Day - Love it, or Hate it?

Class Clowns: Catholic Colleges and the Political Left

Father Cantalamessa on the Trinity

Father Cantalamessa on True Environmentalism

On Jewish-Catholic Ties and the Role of John XXIII

Home Alone -- and Unhappy

Making Room for God in Today's World

"Have You Heard? The Secret Is Getting Out"  

Denver and the Professions: A Flashpoint for Change?

Lino Lozza - The Christmas Tree: Legends, Traditions, History

Boldly Going for the Millennium Goals

Psychology That Is True to Science, True to God

Falling from Faith

Turning the Tables: Winning the Public-Relations War

How Ecclesial Movements Fit In With Parishes

Groundswell: The Pope, the New Movements, and the Church

Christian Martyrs: Witnesses for the World

An Interesting Discovery

What Christians Should Get Out of Christmas

"God in the Cave"

Bishop Ricard's 2004 Christmas Message

Christmas: Origins of a Feast

Hanukkah: Why It’s Not Just For Jews

Santa Claus, How Do We Deal with Him?

The History of the Candy Cane

"Who Do You Say I Am? On the Divinity of Christ"



Message of the Christmas Tree

"Homo Indifferens" Is Still a "Homo Religious"

The Winter of John Cornwell's Discontent

How Abbot of Solesmes Explained the Immaculate Conception

Advent of Peace

The Gospel According to Joel

Does Science Point to God? The Intelligent Design Revolution

Attacking The Helpers

On The Sternness of Christianity 

Derrida: Does the Name Mean Anything to You?

Catholic Education and Interreligious Dialogue

Dodging Isabel 

Significance of the Sign of the Cross

Alien Ideas

Liberal Church? Conservative Church?

"Vital Cell of Society" Is Central and Fundamental

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

The Clergy and the Laity: Who's Responsible for Whom?

Religion vs. Spirituality

Building Moral Capital

Compendium of Social Wisdom

Basic Principles Behind Social Doctrine

Compendium of Social Doctrine

Decoding Canon Law for Lay Catholics


Single-Sex Schools Struggle to Hang On

Despite Bumper Harvests, Lester Brown's Sky is Still Falling (PRI Weekly Briefing-1 October 2004)

“The Great Divorce” and the “God-Free Zone”

USCCB Presidential Address — The Life of the Church as Communio: Let Us Embrace Again This Gift of God by Bishop Wilton D. Gregory (November 10, 2003)

Spirit of Catholic Leadership

A Sad Disclosure of a Sadder Event (CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter-August 20, 2004)

Taking Satan Seriously

Hermann Geissler - On the 125th Anniversary of John Henry Newman's Becoming a Cardinal

Papal Preacher Confronts the Question, "Who Killed Jesus?"

Cardinal Francis George - Ad Limina Address of Cardinal-Archbishop of Chicago

Papal Preacher Urges Renewed Approach to Confession

Gino Concetti - Five Maxims for Living a Devout Life

ZENIT - 5 Phases of an Adolescent's Slide Into Satanism

Boy Scouts and the Salvation Army

The Most Reverend John J. Myers - A Time for Honesty

Father Groeschel's Words, Before and After the Accident

Fr Jozef M. Maj. S.J. - Report on Russian Orthodox Church-Catholic Church Relations

Fr Johan Bonny - Relations Between the Catholic Church and Ancient Churches of the East

Christoph Cardinal Schoenborn & Francis Cardinal Arinze Talk About the Faith  ("The World Over" Air date: 4/23/2004)

Family Life Center International Free Online Audio Talks

Mary Ann Glendon on Today's University Students

The Wall (CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter April 12, 2004)

CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter September 23, 2003

Movie Review: The Gospel of John

Supreme Officers Attend White House Ceremony

Fr Juan Usma Gomez - Report on World Evangelical Alliance-Catholic Church Relations

A Conference Employee No More (CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter-March 19, 2004)

The Feast of Epiphany

Atheism Fading, But So Too Is Religious Fervor

Ecclesial Movements in the Universal Church

Archbishop Phillip Hannan  on Fr. Emil Kapaun, Korean chaplain ("The World Over" Air Date: 7/4/2003)

Dedication of St. John Lateran by Marcellino D'Ambrosio



Socially Responsible Investment Guidelines

The Church & Culture Today

Batimaeus the Bold

U.S. Physicist on Reconciling Science With the Church

Booklets from Renewal Ministries

Ex Corde Ecclesiae Today

Glory Be to Jesus

CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter ("12 Myths Every Catholic Should Be Able To Answer")

CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter ("The Big Day" and "What Happened At The Meeting")

Go Into The Whole World


Father, Son, and Spirit: So What's In A Name?

The Example of the Saints: Evangelization and Imperialism 

Foreword to Yves Congar's The Meaning of Tradition

ZENIT - Mary Ann Glendon on the Reform of Lay Catholics

Summa Theologica

The Debate (update on National Review Board's report & "The Passion" debate) 

Consumerism: A Subtle Corroder of Virtue

The Delightful Matt Taibbi

Time to Pray

Conservative Bishops, Liberal Results

Bishop Ricard's Holy Week message (2005)

Religious Colleges Coming of Age

So What’s Wrong with Rock Music?

The Argument from History


Inside the Bishops’ Conference, Part I: Why the American Bishops Lack Accountability

Playing Politics: Inside the Bishops’ Conference, Part II

Jesuit Resignation Blamed on Benedict XVI by Deal W. Hudson

Video-Game Violence: Higher Stakes

The Vocation of a Catholic Journalist: An Interview with Philip F. Lawler

Catholic Commencements: A Time for Truth to Be Honored

Why Blog? Catholic Bloggers Post Their Reasons

A Novel Side of Michael Novak; St. Nicola's Many Faces

Marijuana's Benefits: Just Smoke and Mirrors?

Religious Privatization and the Need for Community

God - The Father

"Christ Frees Us From Fear," Says Father Cantalamessa

Dark side of the soul

Retaking the Universities

Generation to Generation: Nuturing the Faith in Our Homes

Gambling's Dicey Benefits

When Material Wealth Is Not Enough

The Problem With Blogs

Socrates Meets Sartre: In Hell?


Opus Dei's Governance

Spiritual Sense of Scripture

Me, Myself and I

Passing Thoughts on Billy Graham

Oh, the Civility!

Who Invented Charity?

A Village Called Wakefield: When Western Culture was Catholic

What Difference Does Heaven Make?

Anger Management Infused With Faith

Loneliness and the Death of the Catholic Town

The Most Allegedly Catholic Continent

Crossing the Meditation Divide

Has the Pope Condemned Harry Potter?

Benedict XVI, Vatican II and Modernity (Part 1)

Benedict XVI, Thomism, and Liberal Culture (Part 2)

On Teaching the Important Things

Orthodox Catholics Sometimes Hurt the Cause

Some Help In The Wilderness

Environmental Problem Is Deemed "Anthropological"

A Good Crisis To Have

Men and Virtue

Opus Dei Prelate on a Springtime for Church in Germany (Part 1)

Opus Dei Prelate on World Youth Day (Part 2)

A Conference You'll Want To Miss

A Religion the New York Times Can Love

Gospel Not Just For Priests, Says Biblicist

Why Forgive? Father Cantalamessa Responds

Venezuela Seen Pushing a "21st-Century Socialism"

Animal Rights Extremists' Brute Victories

Against Eternal Youth

Love Sees with New Eyes

Survival of the fakest

Religion 101: Why All Faiths Are Not the Same

Cardinal Napier on the State of the Faith

Cardinal Javier Lozano Barragán - A Christian Understanding of Pain and Suffering

Doctor, Convert, and Mystic: The Life and Work of Adrienne von Speyr

Report by General Relator of Synod

Archbishop of Madrid on the Synod

Father Cantalamessa on Gospel Priorities

Cardinal Peter Erdo on the Church in Hungary (Part 1)

Cardinal Erdo on the Church in Hungary (Part 2)

A Jesus Worth Dying For

You Must Know the Reasons Behind A Behavior to Change It

Chest Errors: The Divine Gift of the Irascible Faculty

The Eucharistic Synod and Priestly Celibacy

Catholic Leaders Speak Out on Public Policy

Holy Land Archeologists uncover what may be earliest church in world, Vatican hails as ‘great discovery’

Tattoos and the Illusion of Permanency

Creation as a Basis for Dialogue

The Psychology Behind Giving Thanks

Bishop Wuerl on New Catechetical Tools (Part 1)

Bishop Wuerl on New Catechetical Tools (Part 2)

Catholic Colleges that Produce Vocations by Deal W. Hudson

Primate of Hungary on New Evangelization in Europe (Part 1)

Primate of Hungary on New Evangelization in Europe (Part 2)

Significance of Advent Wreath

Happy Thanksgiving from IgnatiusInsight.com!

The End Times: The Secret Hidden From the Universe

Can I Quote You On That? Talking to the Media About Homosexuality and the Priesthood

Muslim-Christian Marriages Stir Concern in Italy

"Document Shows Homosexuals Much Sensitivity"

So That's the Reason

A Catholic Renaissance at Princeton

Is Tolerance a Virtue?

That depends what you mean by 'gay'

What Is Purgatory Like?

Father Cantalamessa on Christ Yesterday and Today (Part I)

Father Cantalamessa on Christ Yesterday and Today (Part II)

USCCB President Equates Deep Seated Homosexuality With Heterosexuality

Archbishop Fulton Sheen on Advent and Eternity

Is Religion Evil? Secularism's Pride and Irrational Prejudice

Father Cantalamessa on St. John's Gospel

Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon (Part 1)

Father Cantalamessa's 3rd Advent Sermon (Part 2)

Father Cantalamessa's 4th Advent Sermon

Bishop Frederick Henry on the Church in Canada

A Journalist's Research on the Child Jesus

A Christmas Dialogue on Isaiah 45: "I am God; there is no other."

Sacrament of Penance: Examination of Conscience

About those "secular" menorahs

Meditation Notes on the O Antiphons

Reform Party

Bishop Ricard’s Christmas Message 2005

Archbishop Fulton Sheen on Advent and the Christmas Mystery

The Lost Sense of Sin in Psychology (Part 1)

The Lost Sense of Sin in Psychology (Part 2)

Opus Dei on John Allen's New Book

Journalist John Allen on Opus Dei

Kwanzaa: A Holiday From the FBI

The Tangled Ecclesiastical Web

A Call for Rediscovery of Sacrament of Baptism

The Old Testament and the Messianic Hope

The Incarnation

"Da Vinci Code" -- a Blessing for Opus Dei?

Father Raniero Cantalamessa on Purity

Concerning Philosophers and Moths

Dawkins is wrong about God

Truth and Tolerance, Again

In Nazareth, Handicapped Kids Are Right at Home

Forty-Four Hours in Lourdes

Father Cantalamessa on True Conversion

Taking Aim at Small-Arms Trafficking

Cardinal Cottier on Exorcisms

Father Cantalamessa on Limbo and the Unbaptized

My Neighborhood is the Church?

An Examination of Subsistit in: A Profound Theological Perspective

Episcopalians Gone Wild

Evangelizing Through TV in Canada

Father Raniero Cantalamessa on Unclean Spirits

"God Is Love": in Benedict XVI and in Art

Did Jesus Really Exist?

A Church devoted to love and charity

Science and Religion

Faith, hype and a lack of clarity

The Adolescent Society

The Traditional High School

A "Comprehensive" Problem

Catholic Schools Face Big Tests

Temperance and Emotional Well Being

Lighting a Candle

Chiara Lubich's Comments on "God Is Love"

New Book Looks at Swiss Guard

Media and the Risk of a Monoculture

"Deus Caritas Est," Social Encyclical

Soft Drugs, False Message

Liberal Diplomacy and the Church

God's Eros Is Agape

Some Comments on Deus Caritas Est

Singing the Song of Songs

Benedict XVI's Revolutionary Encyclical

Last Published Letter of a Murdered Priest

Murdered Priest's Letter to Benedict XVI

Raising Awareness for the Mentally Ill

The Cacophony of Life

When Charity Isn't Christian

Reporters and the church

The Virtue of Prudence

Olympic Event: "Heart to Heart" Meeting With God

Building a Catholic Action Plan for Reform

Philosophy Behind "Deus Caritas Est"

Oscar Winner Says Jesus Invented Selfless Love

Seeking Deep Conversion

Accidents Happen!

Gaudi's Grand Cathedral: Temple Sagrada Familia and Its Saintly Architect

Resenting Chastity

The Virtue of Fortitude

The article Science Magazine doesn't want you to read

A Light to the Nations: The Meaning and Future of the Catholic Church

Pleasure and the Saint

London Taking It: Will There Always be an England?

Love Where There Could Have Been Hate

"Deus Caritas Est" and C.S. Lewis' "Four Loves"

How Caritas Chief Sees Pope's 1st Encyclical

Chapter One of The Cypresses Believe In God: Spain On the Eve of the Civil War

The Bible Gap: Spanning the Distance Between Scripture and Theology

The Love Behind the Rules

Unbelief and Bad Belief

Episcopal Reform and the Rights of the Laity

God Is Love: From Philosophy to Action

Liberal Diplomacy and the Church

Secular Substitute for the Apocalypse

Is Cardinal Mahoney Right on Immigration?

Doctors and the Challenge of Poverty

The Virtue of Justice

Archbishop Niederauer: No Gay Adoptions

A Top Administrator at San Francisco Catholic Charities Is A Gay Adoptive Father

Catholic Charities and Gay Adoption

Shareholders Can Be Effective

Beauty Held Up as a Means of Evangelization

Let Catholic Charities Be Catholic

Tocqueville's Influence on "Deus Caritas Est"

Character-Centered Families and Schools

In Russia, Waiting for Springtime of Faith

The "Gospel of Judas"

The Case For Christ's Existence

Palm Sunday in Jerusalem by Deal W. Hudson

Hope Wanes in the Holy Land by Deal W. Hudson

Mystifying Indeed: On Being Fully Human

The Next Step in Catholic-Orthodox Dialogue

The Catholic Church's Status in Russia

Personal Limitations and the Trinity

Conscience or Chaos

Discovering the Fatherhood of God in a Gender-Neutral Society

On Adapting to "Modern Times"

A Sage in Christendom

Pope Benedict XVI, Mozart and the Quest of Beauty

Virtuous and Vicious Drinking

Bootylicious backlash

Inclusive Christianity

The Battle for the Soul of the Archdiocese of San Francisco By Valerie Schmalz

A New Center for Thomistic Studies

A Clarification on the Meaning of 'Conscience'

Turning visitors into pilgrims

LOR - Summary of Deus Caritas Est

The Good News, The Bad News

Place and Role of Movements in the Church (Part 1)

Place and Role of Movements in the Church (Part 2)

Father Richard Neuhaus on Loving the Church

Making the Catholic Connection | An Interview with Teresa Tomeo

No, He’s MY Personal Jesus

Cardinal Kasper on Catholic-Orthodox Ties

Archbishop Rylko on New Movements (Part 1)

Archbishop Rylko on New Movements (Part 2)

Lest Catholics Be Different

Gospel Authorship

Taking Issue with the Church

Subculture called vital for a Catholic resurgence

Movements and Parishes Can Work Together

Religion Enters Media Mainstream

The Point Of It All

Reading Without Learning: On Not Missing "Sublime Passage"

Back to the Basics in Catechesis

The World Cup's Foul

The Identity of a Catholic University

Father Cantalamessa on Charismatic Renewal

Viewing Love via Benedict XVI

1400 Percent Growth of Dominican Sisters

Cardinal Lehmann on His Sources of Strength

The Canons of Friendship

Christian Charity in Cyber Communities

Orthodox Theologian Speaks on Modern Deserts

Reflecting on the Custody of the Holy Land

The Sabbath: Meeting God On The Day Of Rest

Spiritual Self-Reliance: The Enemy Within

Taking Back The Church?

The Foot In My Mouth

Father Cantalamessa on Bread and Wine

Thinking About Heaven

A New Vision for Religious Life?

Filling the Psychological Void With Charity

The Weathercock And The Mystic: The Prophetic Friendship Of Orestes Brownson And Isaac Hecker

Britain's Dark Night of the Soul

Generation Y's Feeble Faith

A Guide in an Age of Religious Pluralism

Are Believers Delusional? (Part 1)

Are Believers Delusional? (Part 2)

Hollywood's Fledgling Faith

A Russian Orthodox View of Papacy, and More (Part 1)

A Russian Orthodox View of Papacy, and More (Part 2)

Shrinking the Bishops’ Conference

Christmas, Christians and Christ by Fr. Pavone (12/18/2006)

Patriarch Bartholomew I on the Papal Visit

The Physician's Relationship With Morality

When the News Is Good . . .

An Interreligious Milestone

Challenge of Witnessing the Faith in Indian Cultures

An Anglican Meltdown?

In the Beginning Was the Word . . .

The State of the Catholic Church in America, Diocese by Diocese

What does the study tell US?: Seven prominent catholics respond


Jean Vanier on Addressing Depression

Ideology Kills Truth, and Literature

Anxiety and Suffering: Enough for Today

Finding the Best Dioceses in the United States

Bishop Hilarion Alfeev on Music as Prayer

Pacifists, Ecologists and Ecumenists: Antichrist at Work

Wisdom: The Fruit of Maturity

New Film Portrays Mormon Holocaust

Global Warming Natural, Says Expert

Theology after the Revolution

Style and Substance: A Confusion of Targets

The Conscience of Our Age

Halloween and the Concerned Christian by Msgr. Reed

Seeing life as God intends us to see it by Msgr. Reed ("The Florida Catholic", 3/2/2008)

Palm Sunday procession leads Christ to his passion, and to eternal life for us by Msgr. Reed ("The Florida Catholic", 3/16/2008)

CRS, AIDS Prevention, and Condoms

Liberal vs. Conservative