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Life Victories


"Protecting the dignity of the human person affects people of all races and  cultures, regardless of their faith or lack thereof. The protection of human life from conception to natural death is the foundation of all free nations.  Without life, there is no freedom to pursue happiness! This means abortion is an attack against the fabric of freedom, making it a great evil that must be removed!" (Nick Kovacs, 2004)


Victories for Life: Pro-Life Legislation & Judicial Rulings

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More Victories for Life & An Analysis of Bush's Pro-Life Record


The signing of the Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003, took place on the feast day of St. Sylvia (November 5), mother of St. Gregory the Great.

St Gregory the Great, who is a doctor of the Church, contributed many beautiful things to the Church, such as Gregorian Chant. Without St. Sylvia being open to life, we would not have had St. Gregory the Great, meaning the Church would have lost a great treasure! Just by saying a simple "yes" to life, St. Sylvia brought forth tremendous fruit to the Church (i.e., St. Gregory the Great).

The passage of Partial Birth Abortion Ban Act of 2003 into law on St. Sylvia's feast day (November 5), is a great tribute to a true woman, and shows what a true woman must always be, open to life! Through St. Sylvia's intercession, let us pray for the end of all abortions, and for all women to be like St. Sylvia, always open to life.