Deus Abba - Omnipotens Pater

God The Father -  All Powerful Father

Bishop Approves The Apparition of God The Father

"I desire only this: that one day, or at least a Sunday, be dedicated to me under the title of Father of All Mankind." - The Eternal Father To Mother Eugenia Elisabetta Ravasio on July 1, 1932, the Feast of the Precious Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

In 1932, an extraordinary event occurred. A nun named Mother Eugenia Ravasio reported that God the Eternal Father appeared to her on two separate occasions. The first time was on July 1, 1932. The second time was on August 12, 1932. After a ten year investigation, the Church approved the apparition.

According to the book, "God is Father," there was beautiful singing, incomprehensible harmony, and finally the appearance of the Eternal Father. Mother Eugenia stated that God our Father sat next to her to reveal His great love for His children. He also stated that He desired a feast in His honor. God our Father gave this message to Mother Eugenia in Latin, a language totally unknown to her.

In our opinion, Mother Eugenia is one of the greatest lights in our times, the little prophet of a new Church, in which the Father is the center and apex of all mankind, and in which unity is the highest ideal of spirituality. She is a light given by the Father to the world at this time of chaos and darkness, so that we may see the road that has to be followed.

She was born in San Gervasio d'Adda, a small town in the province of Bergamo, Italy, on September 4th, 1907, in a family of peasant background. Quite apart from her spiritual qualities, her work in the social field alone would suffice to ensure her a place in history. In twelve years of missionary activity she opened over 70 centers - each with infirmary, school and church - in the remotest spots of Africa, Asia and Europe. Mother Eugenia returned to the Father on August 10th, 1990.


Bishop's Statement

In 1935, Bishop Alexander Caillot of Grenoble, France, convened a Commission of Inquiry to investigate the report. The commission took ten years to complete its work. In his final report, Bishop Caillot stated that Mother Eugenia had reflected great piety, humility and obedience during the 10 year investigation. She endured many trials and displayed outmost docility while submitting to the Inquiry. The following is a brief summary of the Bishop's approval:

"Following the dictates of my soul and my conscience, and with the keenest sense of my responsibility to the Church, I declare that the supernatural events and divine intervention seems to me the only logical and satisfactory answer of the facts. Isolated from all the surrounding features of the case, this essential fact seems to me to be noble, lofty and supernaturally rich: that a humble nun has called souls to true devotion to the Father, such as Jesus taught and the Church has enshrined in its liturgy. There is nothing alarming in this, only something that is simple and in accordance with solid doctrine. I deem it proper to let her continue her work. I believe that the hand of God is in all this. After ten years of research, reflection, and prayer, I bless the Father for having deigned to choose my diocese as the place for such touching manifestations of His love."

This book also has an IMPRIMATUR from Vicor General Cardinal Canisius Van Lierde, Vatican City, Rome, March 13, 1988.

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God Our Father Speaks To Mother Eugenia

"I have already told you and now I say again: I cannot give My beloved Son another time to prove My love for men! I am now coming among them in order to love them and to make them know this love, assuming their image, their poverty. Look, now I am putting aside My crown and all My glory to take on the appearance of an ordinary man!"

"Peace and salvation," He said, "to this house and to the whole world! May My power, My love and My Holy Spirit touch men's hearts, so that all mankind may turn to salvation and come to its Father, Who seeks it, to love and to save it!

Let My Vicar Pius X1 understand that these are days of salvation and blessing. Let him not fail to take this opportunity to call the attention of the children to their Father, Who is coming to help them in this life and to prepare their everlasting happiness.

I have chosen this day to begin My work among men because today is the feast of the Precious Blood of My Son Jesus. I intend to bathe in this Blood the work I am beginning, so that it may bear great fruit among all mankind.

This is the real purpose of My coming:

1.      "I am coming to banish the excessive fear that My creatures have of Me, and to show them that My joy lies in being known and loved by My children - that is, all mankind, present and future.

2.      I am coming to bring hope to men and nations. How many have long since lost it! This hope will make them live in peace and security, working for their salvation.

3.      I am coming to make Myself known just as I am, so that men's trust may increase together with their love for Me, their Father. I have but one concern to watch over all men and love them as My children. The painter delights in contemplating the picture he has painted. In the same way, it is My pleasure and delight to come among men, the masterpiece of My creation! Time presses. I wish men to know as soon as possible that I love them and that I feel the greatest happiness in being with them and talking with them, like a father with his children.

I am the Eternal One, and when I was alone, I had already thought of using My power to create beings in My image. But material creation had to come first, so that these beings could find their means of sustenance; it was then that I created the world. I filled it with all the things I knew would be necessary to men: air, sun and rain, and many other things that I knew to be necessary for their life.

In the end, man was created! I was pleased with My handiwork. Man sins, but it is precisely then that My infinite generosity shows itself.

In the Old Testament, I created and chose prophets to live among men. To them I told My desires, My sorrows and My joys, so that they could communicate them to everyone.

The more evil grew, the more My goodness urged me to communicate with just souls so that they could transmit My commands to those who were creating disorder. Thus, I was sometimes obliged to be strict in order to reprove them; not to punish them - that would only have done harm - but to take them away from vice and lead them to their Father and their Creator, whom they had forgotten and ignored in their ingratitude. Later, evil overwhelmed men's hearts to such an extend that I was compelled to send calamities upon the world to purify men through suffering, the destruction of their possessions, or even their death. These were the Flood, the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, man's wars against man, etc.

I always wished to remain in this world among men. So, during the Flood, I was close to Noah, the only just man then. In the other calamities, also, I always found a just man with whom I could stay and, through him, I lived among the men of that time, and it has always been thus.

The world has often been purified of its corruption because of My infinite goodness towards humanity. I continued to choose certain souls in whom I was pleased, because through them I could be happy with My creatures, men.

I promised the world a Messiah. I did all I could to prepare His coming, showing Myself in the figures that represented Him, even thousands of years before His coming!

For who is the Messiah? Whence does He come? What will He do on earth? Whom does He represent?

The Messiah is God. Who is God? God is the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Whence does He come? Or rather, who ordered Him to come among men? It was I, His Father, God.

Whom is He to represent on earth? His Father, God.

What is He to do on earth? He will make the Father, God, known and loved. Did He not say: "Do you not know that I must be about My Father's business?" "I have come only to do the will of My Father." "Whatever you ask the Father in My name, he will give you." "You will pray to Him like this: Our Father, Who art in heaven.."; and elsewhere, since He came to glorify the Father and to make Him known to men, He says: "Whoever sees Me, sees the Father." "I am in the Father and the Father is in Me." "No one comes to the Father except through Me." "Whoever is with Me is also with My Father, etc.?

Realize then, O men, that for all eternity I have had but one desire, to make Myself known to men and be loved by them. I wish to stay for ever with them. Do you want an authentic proof of this desire that I have just expressed?

Why did I command Moses to build a tabernacle and the ark of the covenant, if not to come and dwell, as a Father, a brother, a close friend, with My creatures, men? This was My ardent desire. In spite of this, they have forgotten Me and offended me with countless sins. I gave Moses My commandments to remind them, in spite of everything, of God, their Father, and of his sole wish, to save them. They were supposed to observe the commandments and thereby remember their infinitely good Father, always intent upon their present and eternal salvation.

All of this was forgotten and men sank into error and fear, considering that the observance of the commandments as I had transmitted them to Moses was too taxing. They made up other laws in accordance with their whims, in order to observe them more easily. Little by little, in the exaggerated fear they had of Me, they forgot Me more and more and heaped outrages upon Me.

Yet My love for these men, My children, never quite ceased. When I realized that neither the patriarchs nor the prophets had been able to make me known and loved by men, I decided to come Myself.

But how could I come among them? There was no other way than to come Myself, in the second Person of My divinity. Would men know Me? Would they listen to Me?

Nothing in the future was hidden from Me; I Myself answered answered these two questions: "They will ignore My presence, even though they will be near Me. In My Son they will treat Me cruelly, notwithstanding all the good He will do for them. In My Son they will speak ill of me, they will crucify me to bring about My death."

Shall I stop because of this? No, My love for My children, men, is too great. I did not stop there. Understand well that I loved you, as it were, more than My beloved Son, or rather, more than Myself.

What I am telling you is so true that, if one of My creatures had been enough to atone for the sins of other men through a life and death similar to those of My Son, I would have betrayed My love by making a beloved creature suffer, rather than suffering Myself, in My Son. I would never have wished My children to suffer.

This, then, if brief, is the story of My love until My coming among men through My Son. Most men know of all these events, but they fail to grasp the essential thing: that love was the guiding principle in it all!

Most men know of all these events, but they fail to grasp the essential thing: that love was the guiding principle in it all!

Yes, it is love. This is what I want to impress upon you . Now this love has been forgotten. I want to remind you of it, so that you can learn to know Me as I am, so that you will not be, like slaves, afraid of a Father Who loves you so much.

You see, in this story we are only at the first day of the first century, and I would like to bring it up to the present time, the twentieth century. Oh, how My paternal love has been forgotten by Men! Yet I love you so tenderly! In My Son, that is to say, in the Person of My Son made man, what have I not done! Divinity is veiled in this humanity, it is shrunk, impoverished, humiliated. With My Son Jesus I led a life of sacrifice and work. I received His prayers, that man might have a clearly indicated path along which to walk always in justice, so as to reach me safely!

Of course, I can understand My children's weaknesses! Because of this, I asked My Son to give them the means to get up again after they have fallen. These means will help them to purify themselves from their sins, so that they may still be the children of My love. They are, chiefly, the seven Sacraments. And the greatest means of securing your salvation, despite your falls, is the Cross, My Son's Blood poured out upon you every moment, if you so wish, both in the Sacrament of Penance and in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.

My dear children, I have lavished these gifts upon you with special graces for twenty centuries, but with what miserable results!

How many of My creatures, who become children of My love through My Son, have quickly thrown themselves into the eternal abyss! Truly, they have not know My infinite goodness; I love you so very much!

You, at least, who know that I Myself am coming to talk to you, to make you aware of My love, for your own sake, do not throw yourselves over the precipice. I am your Father!

Is it possible that, having called me your Father and having shown your love for Me, you could find in Me such a hard and insensitive heart as to let you perish? No, no, do not believe it! I am the best of Fathers! I know My creatures weaknesses! Come to Me, come with confidence and love! I will forgive you after you have repented. Even if your sins were as repulsive as mud, your confidence and your love will make Me forget the, so you will not be judged! I am just, it is true, but love pays for everything!

Listen, My children, let us make a comparison, and you will be assured of My love. For Me, your sins are like iron, and your acts of love like gold. If you gave me a thousand pounds of iron, it would not be like giving me just ten pounds of gold! In other words, with just a little love, great iniquities can be expedited.

This, then, is one very light-hearted way of looking at My judgement of My children, men, all of them, without exception. You must come to Me. I am so close to you! You must love Me and honor Me so that you will not be judged, rather, that you will be judged with infinitely merciful love.

Have no doubt! If My heart were not like this, I would have already destroyed the world every time it committed sin! But as you have seen, at every moment My protection manifests itself through graces and benefits. You can conclude from this that there is a Father Who is above all fathers, Who loves you and will never cease to love you, if you so desire.


The Cross is My way of coming down among My children, since it is through it that I caused My Son to redeem you. And for you, the Cross is the way to ascend to My Son, and from My Son to me. Without it you could never come to Me, because man, by sinner, brought on himself the punishment of separation from God.

In the Eucharist I live among you as a Father with His family. I wished My Son to institute the Eucharist so as to make every tabernacle the vessel of my favors, My riches and My love, to give them to men, My children.

It is always by these two means that I cause both My power and My infinite mercy to come down ceaselessly. Now that I have shown you that My Son Jesus represents Me among men, and that, through Him, I live constantly among them, I also want to show you that I come among you through My Holy Spirit.

The work of this third Person of My divinity is carried out silently and often man is not aware of it. But for me it is a very fitting way of living, not just in the tabernacle, but also in the souls of all those in the state of grace, to establish My throne in them and to live there always, like the true Father Who loves, protects and helps His children. No one has yet understood the infinite desire of My divine, paternal heart to be known, loved and honored by all men, the just and the sinful. These are the three gifts that I wish to receive in homage form man, so that I may always be merciful and good even towards the most hardened sinners.

What have I not done for My people, from Adam to Joseph, the adoptive father of Jesus, and from the time of Joseph up to the present day, so that man should give me the special honor due to Me as his Father, Creator and Savior! However, I have not yet received this special veneration which I have so much hoped for and which I desire so much!

In the book of Exodus you read that God must be held in special veneration. The psalms of David, especially, contain this teaching. In the commandments which I Myself gave to Moses, I emphasized : "You will worship and love perfectly only one God."

Well then, loving and honoring are two things that go together. As I have lavished so many benefits on you, I must be honored by you in a very special way!

Giving you life, I wished to create you in My image! Your heart is therefore as sensitive as Mine, and Mine as yours!

What would you not do if one of your neighbors did you a small favor to please you? The most sensitive man would be grateful to such a person for ever. Anyone would try to find something that would give the greatest pleasure, in recompense for the service performed. Well, I will be much more grateful to you, assuring you of eternal life, if you will do me the small favor of honoring Me as I request.

I recognize that you honor me in My Son and that there are those who are able to offer everything to me through My Son, but they are few indeed! Do not believe, though, that in honoring My Son you are not honoring Me! You do, certainly, honor me, as I live in My Son! Thus, everything that is to His glory is also to My glory!

But I would like to see man honoring his Father and Creator with a special devotion. The more you honor Me, the more you will honor My Son, since, according to My will, He became the word Incarnate and came among you to make known to you the One Who sent Him.

If you come to know Me, you will love Me and My beloved Son more than you do now. See how many of My creatures, who became My children through the mystery of the Redemption, are not in the pastures which I have prepared for all men through My Son. And how many others, and you know it, are still unaware of the existence of these pastures. And how many creatures of My Hands, who existence I know of but of which you are ignorant, do not even know the Hand which shaped them!

Oh, how I would like to let you know what an almighty Father I am for you and would also be for those creatures, through My benefits! I would like their lives to be made sweeter through My law. I would like you to go to them in My name and speak to them of Me. Yes, tell them that they have a Father who, having created them, wants to give them the treasures He possesses. Above all, tell that that I think of them, I love them and want to give them eternal happiness. Oh, I promise you, men's conversion will come sooner.

Believe Me, if you had begun to honor me with a special devotion from the times of the early Church, after twenty centuries few men would remain living in idolatry, in paganism and in so many false and evil sects, in which man is running blindly towards the abyss of eternal fire! And see how much work remains to be done! My hour has come! I must be known, loved and honored by men, so that, having created them, I can be their Father, then their Savior and finally the object of their eternal delight.

Until now I have talked about things that you already knew. I wished to remind you of them so that you would be more and more convinced that I am a very good Father, not a fearsome one, as you believe; and also that I am the Father of all those living now and those whom I shall create until the end of the world.

Know, also, that I wish to be known, loved and, above all, honored. May everyone recognize My infinite goodness towards all men, and especially towards sinners, the sick, the dying, and all those who suffer. Let them know that I want only one thing: to love them all, to give them My grace, to forgive them when they repent and, most of all, to judge them not with My justice but with My mercy, so that all may be saved and numbered among My elect.

To conclude this brief account, I make you promise which will have an eternal effect. It is this; call me by the name of Father, with confidence and love, and you will receive everything from this Father, with love and mercy.

I wish My son, your spiritual father, to be able to work for My glory and to set down, sentence by sentence, what I have dictated to you, so that men may find it pleasing and easy to read an account of what I wish them to know, without and additions.

Day by day I will talk to you about My wishes for men, about My joys, My sorrows, and most of all, I will show men My infinite goodness and My tender compassionate love.

I would also like your superiors to allow you to spend your free time with Me, so that you can console me and love me for half and hour each day. You will thereby ensure that men's hearts, My children's hearts, are well disposed to work for the spread of this devotion which I have just revealed to you, so that you may achieve great confidence in this Father who wants to be loved by His children.

So as to permit this work to be extended among all nations as quickly as possible, without allowing those entrusted with its propogation commit the slightest imprudent act, I ask you to spend your days in a spirit of recollection. You will be happy not to talk much to others. In your heart, even when you are among them, you will talk to me and listen to me.

This is what I want you to do also: when sometimes I talk to you, you will write My confidences in a special little diary. But through it I intend to talk to everyone: I live with them more intimately than a mother with her children.

Since man's creation, I have never for one moment stopped living beside him. As his Creator and Father, I feel the need to love him. It is not that I need him, but My love, as Father and Creator, makes Me feel this need to love man. Thus I live close to man, I follow him everywhere, I help him in all things, I supply everything.

I can see his needs, his toils, all his desires, and My greatest happiness lies in helping him and saving him.

Men believe Me to be a terrifying God Who is going to cast all mankind into hell. What a great surprise it will be when, at the end of time, they see so many souls they believe lost, enjoying eternal bliss among the elect!

I wish all My creatures to be convinced that there is a Father Who watches over them and Who would like them to enjoy, on earth, a foretaste of eternal happiness.

A mother never forgets the little creature she has brought into the world. Is it not even more wonderful that I remember all My creatures?

So if a mother loves the little being I gave her, I love him more than she does, because I created him. Even if it happens that a mother loves her child less because of some defect, I, on the contrary, will love him still more. She may later on forget him or think of him rarely, especially when because of his age he is no longer in her care, but I will never forget him. I will always love him, and even if he no longer remembers Me, His Father and Creator, I will still remember him and love him.

I have already told you that I want you to enjoy eternal happiness even here, on earth, but you still have not understood the real meaning of what I said. It is this:

If you love Me and call Me by the sweet name of Father, you will begin to live, here and now, in the love and trust which will make you happy in eternity and which you will sing in heaven in the company of the elect. Is this not a foretaste of the happiness of heaven, which will last for ever?

I therefore desire man to remember often that I am right there, where he is, that he could not live if I were not with him, living just as he is. In spite of his unbelief, I always remain close to him.

Oh, how I wish to see this plan of mine realized! Until now man has never thought of giving God, his Father, the pleasure I am about to speak of : I would like to see great trust established between man and his heavenly Father, a true spirit of familiarity and delicacy at the same time, so as not to take advantage of My great goodness.

I know your needs, your desires, and everything in your hearts. But how happy and grateful I would be if I saw you coming to me and confiding in Me your needs, like a son who as total trust in his father. How could I refuse you the smallest or biggest thing if you asked Me? Even if you do not see Me, do you not feel Me very close to you in the things that happen to you and around you? How you will be rewarded, one day, for having believed in Me, even without having seen Me!

Even now that I am here, in person, among you all, talking to you, repeating ceaselessly, in every way, that I love you and want to be known, loved and honored with a special devotion, you cannot see me, apart from a single person, the one to whom I am dictating this message! Only one among all of humanity! Yet I am talking to you, and in her whom I see and to whom I am talking I see you all and am speaking to each and every one you, and I love you as if you could see Me!

I want men to be able to know Me and to feel that I am close to each one of them. Remember, O men, that I wish to be the hope of the humanity. Am I not already? Man would be lost in I were not his hope. But it is necessary for Me to be recognized as such, so that peace, confidence and love may enter men's hearts and put them in contact with their Father in heaven and on earth!


Do not think of Me as that frightening old man whom men depict in their pictures and books! No, no, I am neither younger nor older than My Son and My Holy Spirit. Because of this I would like everybody, from the youngest to the oldest, to call Me by the familiar name of Father and Friend. For I am always with you, I am making Myself similar to you so as to make you similar to Me. How great would be My joy to see parents teaching their children to address Me often by the name Father, as indeed I am! How I would like to see infused into these young souls a trust and a filial love for Me! I have done everything for you; will you not do this for Me?

I would like to make My home in every family, as in My domain, so that all can say with absolute assurance: "We have a Father Who is infinitely rich and greatly merciful. He thinks about us and is close to us. He looks after us, supports us. He will give us everything we need if we ask Him. All his riches are ours, we will have everything we need." I am there precisely in order that you should ask Me for what you need. "Ask and you shall receive." In My fatherly goodness I will give you everything, provided that all regard Me as a true Father, living among His family, as I indeed do.

I also desire that every family prominently display the picture I will later show to My "little daughter." I wish every family to be able to place itself under My special protection in this way, so that they can honor Me more easily. There, every day, the family will share with Me its needs, its work, its sorrows, its sufferings, its desires, and also its joys, because a Father must know everything that concerns His children. I do know it, of course, because I am there and I love simplicity. I know how to adapt Myself to your condition. I make myself little with the little ones, an adult with the adults, and the same with the elderly, so that all may comprehend what I wish to tell them for their sanctification and My glory.

Do you not have the proof of what I am saying in My Son, Who made Himself small and weak like you? Do you not still have it now, seeing me talking to you here? And have I not chosen a poor creature, like you yourselves, so that I can talk to you and make you understand what I wish to tell you? And now, am I not making Myself like you?

See, I have laid My crown at My Feet and held the world to My Heart. I have left My glory in heaven and come here, becoming all things to all men, becoming poor with the poor and rich with the rich. I want protect the young people as a tender Father. There is so much evil in the world! These poor, inexperienced souls are letting themselves be seduced by the attraction of vice which, little by little, leads to total ruin. You who especially need someone to take care of you in life, so that you can avoid evil, come to me! I am the Father Who loves you more than any other creature will ever be able to do! Take refuge close, very close to me, confide in Me your thoughts and your desires. I will love you tenderly. I will give you graces for the present and bless your future. You can be sure I will not forget you after fifteen or twenty-five or thirty years, having created you. Come! I see that you greatly need a sweet and infinitely good Father like Me.

Without going into many other relevant matters which I can speak about later on, I wish to talk now particularly to those souls whom I have chosen, priests and religious, to you, dear children of My love. I have great plans for you!




I turn to you, My beloved son, My Vicar, before all others, to place this work in your hands. It should rank first among all your tasks and, because of the fear inspired in men by the devil, it will be accomplished only at this time.

Oh, how I would like you to know the range of this enterprise, its greatness, its breadth, its depth, its height. I would like you to understand the immense wishes that I have for mankind, now and in the future!

If only you knew how much I desire to be known, loved and honored by men with a special devotion! I have had this desire for all eternity and since the creation of the first man. I have expressed this desire to men at various times, especially in the Old Testament. But man has never understood it. Now this desire make Me forget all the past, if only it can become a reality now, in My creatures all over the world.

I am stooping down to the poorest of My creatures to talk to her, and through her, to all men, even though she cannot realize the grandeur of the work I wish to accomplish among them.

I cannot talk theology to her, I would be sure to fail, for she would not understand Me. I am doing this is order to realize My plan through simplicity and innocence. But now it is your turn to examine this work and to bring it to a speedy fulfillment.

To be known, loved and honored with a special devotion, I do not ask for anything extraordinary. I desire only this: 1. I desire that one day, or at least a Sunday, be dedicated to honoring Me in a special way under the title of Father of All Mankind. For this feast, I would like a special Mass and Office. It is not difficult to find the texts in the Holy Scriptures.

If you prefer a Sunday, I choose the first Sunday of August. If you prefer a weekday, I would like to to be always the seventh day of that same month. 2. I desire that all the clergy should undertake to promote this devotion, and most of all, to make Me known to men as I am and as I will always be for them, that is to say, the most tender and most lovable of all fathers. 3. I desire them to bring me into all families, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, barracks, conference halls of the ministers of nations - in short, wherever My creatures are, even if there were only of them!

4. I desire that the tangible sign of My invisible presence be a picture to show that I am really present. Thus, all men will carry out all their actions under their Father's graze and I Myself will have before Me the creature that I have not only crated by adopted. In this way, My children will be, as it were, under their tender Father's gaze. Even now I am everywhere, certainly, but I would like to be represented in a tangible way!

Let My priests go fearlessly everywhere, among all nations, to bring the flame of My fatherly love to men. Then souls will be enlightened and conquered, not only among unbelievers, but in all those sects which are not of the true Church.

Yes, I want these men also, who are My children, to see this flame shining before them, to know the truth, to embrace it and to put all the Christian virtues into practice.

5. I would like to be honored in a very special way in seminaries, in novitiates, in schools and homes for the elderly. My everyone , from the youngest to the oldest, be able to know and love Me as their Father, Creator and Saviour. 6. Let priests set about seeking in the Holy Scriptures what I said in former times and what has remained unknown up to now concerning the worship I wish to receive from men. May they work to make My desires and My will known to all men, specifying what I wish to say to people in general and to priests, monks and nuns in particular. Those souls are the ones I choose, more than others in the world, to pay Me great homage.

Of course, it will take time to realize completely these desires that I have for mankind and which I have revealed to you! But one day, through the prayers and sacrifices of generous souls who will give themselves for this work of My love, yes, one day I will be satisfied. I will bless you, My beloved son, and I will reward you a hundredfold for all that you will do for My glory.




I also want to say a word to you, My son Alexander, so that My desires may be realized in the world. You must join with the father confessor of this "little plant" of My Son Jesus, in promoting this work, that is , the special devotion I expect from men. To you, My sons, I entrust this work and its future, which is so important.

Talk, persist, make My words known, so that I may be known, loved and honored by all My creatures. If you do this, you will have done what I expect of you, that is, My will, and you will fulfilled the wishes that I have so long cherished in silence.

For everything that you do for My glory, I will do twice as much for your Salvation and sanctification. In the end, in heaven, and only in heaven, you will see the great reward that I will give you in a very special way, together with all those who have worked to this end.

I crated man for Myself and it is right that I should be ALL for him. Man will not enjoy true happiness except with his Father and Creator, because his heart is made for Me alone. For My past, My love for My creatures is so great that I have greater joy than that of being among them.

My glory is heaven is infinitely great, but My glory is still great when I am among My children, men all over the world. Your heaven, My creatures, is in paradise, together with My chosen ones, because it is there that you will contemplate Me in an everlasting vision and will enjoy eternal glory. My heaven is on earth will you all, O men! Yes, it is on earth and in your souls that I look for My happiness and My joy. You can provide Me with this joy and it also your duty towards your Creator and Father, Who desires and expects this of you.


The joy I feel in being with you is no less great than that which I felt when I was with My Son Jesus during His mortal life. My son - it was I Who sent Him. He was conceived by My Holy Spirit, Who I Myself am; in a word, I was always I.

Loving you as I loved My Son, Who am I Myself, I say to you, My creatures, as I said to Him: you are My beloved children and in you I am well pleased. Because of this I rejoice in your company and I desire to stay with you. My presence among you is like the sun on the earth. If you are well disposed to receive Me, I will come very close to you, enter into you, light you up and warm you with My infinite love.

As for you, souls in the state of sin, or who are ignorant of religious truth, I will not be able to enter you; however, I will be close to you, because I never stop calling you, inviting you to desire to receive the benefits I bring you, so that you may see the light and be healed of sin.

Sometimes I look at you and feel compassion for your unhappy state. I sometimes look at you with love, to dispose you to yield to the charms of grace. I spend days, sometimes years, close to some souls to be able to ensure their eternal happiness. They do not know that I am there waiting for them, calling them every moment of the day. However, I never become weary and I still feel joy in remaining close to you, always hoping that you will return to your Father some day and that you will at least offer Me some act of love before you die.

I will give you an example of a soul who is facing sudden death; this soul has always been for me like the Prodigal Son. (Note by Mother Eugenia: "I saw this example as fact, exactly as our Father dictates it and I write it.")

I lavished benefits on this soul, but he wasted all these benefits, all these gifts that his most loving Father provided for him. More than this, he offended Me gravely. I waited for him, I followed him everywhere, I gave him more favors: health and wealth, that I caused to result from his work, to the point of superfluity. At times My providence granted him further gifts. He therefore had plenty of everything, but he saw it all in the sad light of his vices, and his whole life was a fabric of errors because of habitual mortal sin. But My loved never tired. I followed him all the same. I loved him, and most of all, in spite of his rebuffs, I was happy to live patiently close to him, in the hope that maybe one day he would respond to My love and return to Me, His Father and Savior.

At last his final day is approaching: I have sent him an illness in order to make him come to his senses and return to Me, his Father. Tim passes and My poor son - he is 74 - is at his last hour. I am still there, as always: I talk to him with even more kindness than usual. I persevere, I call My chosen ones and ask them to pray for him, so that he may ask for the forgiveness I am offering him....

And now, before breathing his last, he opens his eyes, admits his errors and understand how far he has strayed from the true path that leads to Me. He recovers his senses and in a weak voice, which none of those around him can hear, he says:"My God, I can now see how great Your love for me has been an I have offended You continually with such a bad life. I never thought about You, my Father and Savior. Now You see everything and I beg forginess for all this evil which You see in me and which I now discern in my confusion. I love you, my Father and Savior!"

He died at that very moment and now here he is, before Me. I judge him with paternal love: he call Me Father and he is saved. He will spend a period of time in the place of expiation, and after this he will be happy for all eternity. Having taken pleasure during his life in the hope of saving him when he repented, I now rejoice even more, together with My celestial court, at having realized My desire to be his Father for ever.

As for the souls who live in justice and sanctifying grace, I show My happiness by living in them. I given them Myself. I transmit to them the use of My power and through My love they find a foretaste of heaven in Me, their Father and Savior!

Thus ends the first of the Message





"The second part begins on 12 August 1932. One day the devil took it and slashed its cover with a pair of scissors."


I have just opened up a fountain of living water which will never dry up from now until the end of time. I am coming to you, My creatures, to open My paternal Breast, filled with love for you, My children. I want you to be witnesses of My infinite and merciful love. It is not enough for me to have shown you My love; I also want to open up My Heart to you, whence a refreshing spring will issue and where all men will quench their thirst. They will then experience joys they have never known until now through being so weighed down by the exaggerated fear they had of me, their tender Father.

Since the time when I promised men a Savior, I have let this spring gush forth. (Mother Eugenia's note: " I have been able to see this spring every day since He first talked about it.") I made it pass through My Son's heart to reach you. But My immense love for you makes Me do even more, opening My Breast from which this water of salvation will gush from My children, and I permit them to draw freely whatever they need for time and for eternity.

If you wish to test the power of this spring about which I am talking, first learn to know Me better and to love me to the extend that I desire, that is, not only as a Father, but as your Friend and Confidant.

Why are you so surprised by what I am saying? Did I not create you in My image? I did this so that you should find nothing strange when you talk on familiar terms with you Father, your Creator and your God. For you have become the children of My fatherly and divine love through My merciful goodness.

My son Jesus is in Me and I am in Him, in our interchanging love which is the Holy Spirit, Who keeps us united in this bond of love so as to make us ONE.

My Son is the vessel of this fountain, that men may go and draw from His Heart, which is always full to overflowing with the water of salvation! But you have to assure yourselves of the existence of this fountain which My Son opens up for you, so that you can convince yourselves that it is fresh and pleasing! But you have to assure yourselves of the existence of this fountain which My Son opens up for you, so that you can convince yourselves that it is fresh and please! So come to Me through My Son and, once you are close to Me, confide your desires to Me. I will show you this fountain, making Myself known to you as I really am. When you know Me, your thirst will be quenched, you will be revived, your ills will be cured, your fears will vanish. Your joy will be great and your love will feel securer than it has ever been before.

But, you will say to Me, how can we come to You? Oh, come by the path of confidence, call me you Father, love Me in spirit and truth, and this will be enough to make this refreshing and powerful water quench your thirst.

But if you really want this water to give you all you need to know and love Me, and if you feel cold and indifferent, call me by the sweet name of Father and I will come to you. My spring will give you love, confidence and everything you need to be loved for ever by your Father and Creator.

As I desire most to be known by all of you, so that you can all enjoy, even here on earth, My goodness and My tenderness, make yourselves apostles to those who still do not know Me and I will bless your toil and efforts, preparing great glory for you with Me in eternity!

I am the ocean of charity, My children, and this is another proof of the paternal love I feel for all of you, without exception, regardless of your age, your status or your country. Nor do I exclude different societies, sects, believers, unbelievers, the indifferent. I enfold in this love all the rational creatures who make up humanity.

Here is the proof of this: I am the ocean of charity. I showed you the spring which pours from My Breast to quench your thirst, an let you se My goodness towards everyone, I am going to show you the ocean of My universal charity, that you may dive into it blindly. Why? So that, diving into this ocean, souls rendered bitter by faults and sins my lose that bitterness in this bath of love. They will emerge from this ocean better, happy at having learned how to be good and charitable. If, because of ignorance or weakness, you yourselves happen to fall again into this state of bitterness, I shall still be an ocean of charity, ready to receive this bitter drop, transform it into charity and goodness and make you holy as I, your Father, am.


My children, do you want to live your life on earth peacefully and joyfully? Come and cast yourselves into this immense ocean and remain in it for ever. As you work and live your normal life, this life will be sanctified through charity.

As for My children who do not follow the truth, I wish all the more to enfold them in My fatherly predilection, so that they may open their eyes to the light which now shines more clearly than ever.

This is the time of graces, foreseen and awaited since the beginning of time! I am here personally to talk to you. I come as the most tender and loving of fathers. I stoop down, forgetful of Myself, to raise you up to Me and ensure your salvation. All of you who are now living and you too, who are in the void, but who sill live century after century until the end of the world, remember that you are not alone: a Father thinks of you and offers you a share in the unfathomable privileges of His love. Approach the spring which will gush for ever from My fatherly Breast. Taste the sweetness of this health-giving water, and when you have felt all its delicious power in your souls satisfying all you needs, come and cast yourselves into the ocean of My charity, so as to live only Me, to die to yourselves and to live eternally in Me.

(Mother Eugenia's note: "Our Father told me in an intimate dialogue: "This spring is the symbol of My knowledge; the ocean is that of My charity and of your trust. When you wish to drink from this spring, study Me in order to know Me and, when you know Me, dive in the ocean of My charity, trusting in Me with a confidence so deep as to transform yourselves: this I shall be unable to resist. I shall then forgive your errors and lavish the greatest favors upon you.")

I am among you. Happy are those who believe this truth and who take advantage of this time about which the Scriptures have spoken thus: "There will come a time when God must be honored and loved by men as He desires."

The Scriptures then go on to ask: "Why?" and answer: "Because He alone is worthy of honor, love and praise forever!"

Moses received from Me as the first of the tend commandments, this command to be communicated to men: "Love and worship God!"

Those who are already Christians may say: "We have loved you since we were born or since our conversion, as we often say in the Lord's Prayer:"Our Father, Who art in heaven!" Yes, My children, it is true, you do love Me and honor Me when you say the first part of the "Our Father", but continue with the other requests and you will see: "Hallowed be Thy name!" Is My name being blessed? Continue: "They kingdom come!" Has My kingdom come?

You honor very fervently the Kingship of My Son Jesus, it is true, and in Him you are honoring Me! But will you deny your Father this great glory of proclaiming Him "King," or at least, of letting me reign until all men can know and love Me?

I desire you to celebrate this feast of the Kingship of My Son in reparation for the insults He received for Pilate and from the soldiers who scourged His holy and innocent humanity. I ask you not to sustain this feast, but, on the contrary, to celebrate it enthusiastically and fervently: but in order that everyone may really know this King, they must know His kingdom as well. Now, to achieve this dual knowledge perfectly, it is also necessary to know the Father of this King, the maker of this kingdom.

Truly, My children, the Church - this society I entrusted My Son to found - will complete its work by honoring Him Who is its Author: your Father and Creator. Some of you, My children, may reply: "The Church as grown continuously. Christians are more and more numerous: this is sufficient proof that our Church is complete!" Know, My children, that your Father has always kept watch over the Church since its birth and that, along with My Son and the Holy Spirit, I wanted it to be infallible though My Vicar, the holy Father. However, is it not true that if Christians knew Me as I am, the tender and merciful, good and liberal Father, they would practice this holy religion more fervently and sincerely?

My children, is it no perhaps true that, if you knew you had a Father Who thinks of you and loves you infinitely, you would in your turn make an effort to be more faithful to your Christian duties, as well as to your duties as citizens, to be just and to render justice to God and to men?

Is it not true that, if you knew this Father Who loves you all without distinction and Who, without distinction, calls you all by the sweet name of children, you would love Me as affectionate children, and that this love, under My impulse, would become an active love, extending itself to the rest of humanity who still do not know this Christian society and who know even less Him Who crated them and is their Father?

If somebody went and talked to these souls, abandoned to their superstitions, or to so many others who call Me God because they know I exist but not that I am close to them, that He surrounds them with intimate affection in their sorrows and dejection, this would obtain the conversion of the most stubborn ones, and these conversions would be more numerous and firm, that is, more persevering.

Some of you, examining this work of love I am carrying out among men, will find cause for criticism and will say:"But don't the missionaries, after arriving in those distant countries, talk to the non-believers about God, His goodness and His mercy? What more could they say about God, since they speak of Him all the time?"

The missionaries have spoken and still speak of God as far as they know Him, but I assure you, you do not know Me as I am, because I am coming to proclaim Myself the Father of all and the most tender of fathers, in order to transform your love, which ahas become distorted by fear.

I come to make Myself similar to My creatures, to correct the idea you have of a terrifyingly just God, as I see men spending their whole lives without confiding in their only Father, Whose only wish is to make their earthly life easier and then give them a divine life, in heaven.

This is proof that souls do not know Me any more than you do, not having overcome the idea you have about Me. But now I am giving you this light, Remain in the light and bring it to everybody, and it will be a powerful means both to obtain conversion and to shut, if possible, the gates of hell, for I now repeat My promise, which will last for ever: ALL THOSE WHO CALL ME BY THE NAME OF FATHER, EVEN IF ONLY ONCE, WILL NOT PERISH, BUT WILL BE SURE OF THEIR ETERNAL LIFE AMONG THE CHOSEN ONES."

And to you who will work for My glory and commit yourselves to making Me known, honored and loved, I give the assurance that your reward will be great, because I will county everything, even the smallest effort you make, and I will reward you a hundredfold in eternity.


As I have told you, it is necessary to bring to fulfillment in the holy church the devotion which honors in a very special way this society's Author, the One Who came to found it, and the One Who is its soul, God in three Persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Until the three Persons are honored by a special devotion in the Church and the whole of mankind, there will be something lacking in this society. I have already made some souls aware of this lack, but most of them, too timid, have not responded to My call. Others have had the courage to speak bout it to the appropriate people, but, in the face of their failure, they have not persisted.

Now My hour has come. I Myself am coming to make men, My children, know what, until today, they have not understood completely. I Myself am coming to bring the flame of the law of love so that, by this means, the enormous layer of ice that surrounds mankind can be melted and destroyed.

Oh, beloved humanity, oh, men who are My children, set yourselves free from the bonds in which the devil has chained you until now, inspiring in you fear of a Father Who is pure love! Come, come closer to me, you have every right to approach our Father: open up your hearts, pray to My Son that He may help you to know even better My goodness towards you.

You who are prisoners of superstition and the laws of the devil, leave this tyrannical slavery and come to the truth of truths. Recognize the One Who made you and is your Father. Do not try to claim your rights, paying worship and homage to those who have led you to spend your life uselessly until now, but come to me, I am waiting for you all because you are all My children.

And you who are in the true light, tell them how sweet it is to live in the truth! Say also to those Christians, to those dear creatures, My children, how sweet it is to think that there is a Father Who sees everything, knows everything, provides for everything, Who is infinitely good, Who forgives easily and Who punishes only reluctantly and slowly. Tell them to come to Me: I will help them, I will lighten their burden and sweeten their hard life. I will inebriate them with My fatherly love, to make them happy in time and eternity.

And you, My children, who have lost the faith and live in darkness, raise your eyes, you will see shining rays coming to illuminate you. I am the sun that shines, warms and re-warms. Look, and recognize that I am your Creator, you Father, your one and only God. It is because I love you that I come to make you love Me, so that you may all be saved.

I am speaking to all men, the world over, making this appeal of My Fatherly love ring out, this infinite love that I want you to know is a permanent reality.

Love, love, love always, but also show others how to love the Father, so that from today on I will be able to show you all the Father Who loves you so passionately.

This century is privileged above all others. Do not let this privilege pass, for fear that it might be withdrawn! Souls need a certain divine touch, and time presses; do not be afraid of anything, I am your Father; I will help you in your efforts and in your work. I will sustain you always and make you enjoy, already here below, peace and joy of soul, making your ministry and your zealous works bear fruit. This is an inestimable gift, since the soul which is peaceful and joyful already has a foretaste of heaven while awaiting its eternal reward.

I communicated to My Vicar, the Supreme Pontiff, My Representative on earth, a very special predilection for the missionary apostate in distant countries and, most of all, a great zeal to spread throughout the world the devotion to the Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus. Now I am entrusting him with the work that this same Jesus came on earth to accomplish: to glorify me by making me known as I am, just as I am telling all men, My creatures and children.

If men could penetrate the Heart of Jesus in all Its desires and Its glory, they would realize that Its most ardent desire is to glorify the Father, the One Who sent Him, and, most of all, not to let His glory be diminished as it has been until now. He desires the complete glory that men can and must give Me, as their Father and Maker, and still more as the Author of their Redemption!

I am asking of man what he is able to give Me: his confidence, his love and his gratitude. It is not because I need My creature and his adoration that I desire to be known, honored and loved; the only reason why I am stooping down to him is to save him and give him a share in My glory. Further, in My goodness and My love I realize that the beings I have drawn from nothing and adopted as My true children are falling in great numbers into eternal unhappiness with the devils. They are thus failing to fulfill the purpose of their creation and are losing their time and eternity!

If there is something that I desire, above all now, it is simply to see more fervor on the part of the just, a smooth path for the conversion of sinners, sincere and persevering conversion, and the return of the prodigal sons to their Father's house. I am referring gin particular to the Jew's and to all the others who are My creatures and children, such as the schismatics, the heretics, the freemasons, the poor infidels, the sacrilegious, and the various secret sects. I want this whole world to know that there is a God and Creator. This God, Who will address their ignorance twice over, is unknown to them: they do not know that I am their Father.

Believe Me, you who are listening to me as you read these words: if all men who are far from our Catholic Church heard people talking about this Father Who loves them, Who is their Creator and their God, about this Father Who desires to give them eternal life, then many of these men, even the most obstinate ones, would come to this Father of Whom you had spoken to them.

If you cannot go to them and talk to them directly, look for other means: thousands of direct and indirect ways. Put them into effect with the true spirit of disciples and with great fervor. I promise you that your efforts will soon be crowned with success by a special grace. Make yourselves apostles of My fatherly goodness and, because of the zeal I will give you all, you will be strong and powerful in your work among souls.

I will always be close to you and in you: if there are two of you talking, I will be with you; if there are more, I will be among you; thus you will says what I inspire you to say and I will put your listeners in the right frame of mind to hear you. In this way, men will be conquered by love and save for all eternity."

With regard to the means of honoring Me as I desire, all I ask of you is great confidence. Do not think I want austerities or mortification's. I do not want you to walk barefoot or to lay your faces in the dust, or to cover yourselves with ashes. No, no! My dearest wish is that you behave as My children, simply and trusting in Me!

With you I will become everything for everyone, the most tender and loving Father. I will be on intimate terms with you, giving Myself to you all, making Myself small so as to make you great for eternity.

Most of the unbelievers, the impious and various communities remain in their iniquity and unbelief because they think that I am asking the impossible of them, that they have to submit to My commands like slaves of a tyrannical lord, whose power and pride keep him distant from his subjects, to oblige them to show Him respect and devotion. No, no, My children! I know how to make Myself small, far smaller than you can imagine.

However, what I do require is the faithful observance of the commandments I gave the Church, so that you will be rational creatures and will not be like animals because of your lack of discipline and your evil inclinations, so that you will preserve the treasure which is the soul I gave you, clothed in the fullness of its divine beauty!

Then, according to My desire, do what I have already instructed you to do: honor Me with a special devotion. May this make you know My will to give you many benefits and to let you share in large measure in My power and My glory, and to show My sole desire: to love you and be loved in return by you.

If you love Me as faithful children, you will also have loving and obedient respect for My Church and My representatives. Not a respect such as you show now, which keeps you distant from Me because you are afraid of Me. This false respect that you have now is an injustice to justice, it is a wound you cause to the most sensitive part of My Heart; you are forgetting, scorning, My fatherly love for you.

What most grieved Me about My people, Israel, and what most afflicts Me still about present day humanity, is this ill-conceived respect you have of me. Man's enemy has, in fact, used it to lead him to fall into idolatry and schisms. He is still using it and will continue to use it against you to keep you distant from the truth, from My Church and from me. Oh, do not allow yourselves to be led any longer by the enemy; believe in the truth that is the being revealed to you and walk in the light of this truth.

You, My children, who are outside the Catholic church, should realize that you are not excluded from My fatherly love. I am making this tender appeal to you because you too are My children. If you have lived up to now in the devil's snares, acknowledge that he has cheated you. Come to me, your Father, and I will receive you with joy and love!

And you, who only know the religion in which you have grown up, and that religion is not the true one, open your eyes. Here is your Father, He who created you and Who wants to save you. I come to you to bring you the truth and salvation. I can see that you do not know Me and do not realize that all I want is for you to know Me as your Father, Creator and Savior. It is because of this ignorance that you cannot love Me. Understand, therefore, that I am not as far from you as you think.

How could I leave you alone after having created you and adopted you through My love? I follow you everywhere, I protect you always, so that everything may become a confirmation of My great liberality towards you, in spite of your forgetfulness about My infinite goodness. This forgetfulness makes you say: "Nature provides us with everything, it makes us live and die." This is the time of grace and light. Recognize, then, that I am the only true God!

In order to give you real happiness in this life and in the next, I want you to do what I am suggesting to you in this light. The time is propitious, do not lose this love which is being offered to your hearts so tangibly. I ask everyone to take part in the Holy Mass according to the liturgy; this pleases Me greatly! Later on I will suggest some short prayers to you, but I do not want to overburden you! The most important thing will be to honor Me as I told you, by establishing a feast in My honor and serving Me with the simplicity of true children of your God, Father, Creator and Savior of the human race.

Here is another proof of My fatherly love for men. My children, I will not speak to you about the whole greatness of My infinite love, because you have only to open the holy books, to look at the crucifix, the tabernacle and the Blessed Sacrament, to realize the extent to which I have loved you!

As long as man does not live in the truth, he cannot taste real freedom. You, My children, think you have joy and peace, you who are outside the true law, for obedience to which I created you. But deep in your hearts you feel that you have neither true peace nor true joy and that you do not enjoy the true freedom of the One Who created you and is your God and Father!

But you, who abide in the true law, or rather, who have promised to follow the law that I gave you to ensure your salvation, have let vice lead you into evil. You have strayed from the law by behaving badly. Do you think you are happy? No. You feel that your hearts are not at easy. Do you suppose that, looking for pleasure and other human joys, your hearts will finally be satisfied? No. Let Me tell you, you will never feel truly free nor truly happy until you recognize Me as your Father and submit to My yoke, to be true children of God, your Father.

Why? Because I created you for a single purpose, to know Me, love Me and serve Me, as a simply and trusting child services its father!

Once, in the Old Testament, men behaved like animals, they did not preserve any sign of their dignity as children of God, their Father. So to make them realize that I wanted to raise them to the great dignity of God's children, I sometimes had to show Myself dreadfully severe. Later, when I saw some of them were endowed with sufficient reason to understand, eventually, that it was necessary to distance themselves from the animals, I then began to lavish benefits on them, to give then victory over those who were still unable to recognize and preserve their own dignity.

And as they were increasing in number, I sent My Son to them. He was adorned with all the divine perfection's because He was the Son of a perfect God. It was He Who showed them the ways to perfection. Through Him I adopted you in My infinite love, as real children. Since then I have never called you simply "creatures," but "children."

I clothed you in the true spirit of the new law which not only distinguishes you from animals, like the men of the old law, but raises you above those men of the Old Testament. I raised you all to the dignity of children of God. Yes, you are My children and you must tell Me that I am your Father. But trust in Me as children do, because without this trust you will never be truly free.

Everything I am saying to you is intended to make you realize that I come to carry out this work of love, to give you powerful help to cast off the tyrannical slavery which imprisons your souls, and to let you enjoy real freedom, whence real happiness comes. Compared with this freedom, all earthly joys are as nothing. Raise yourselves to the dignity of children of God and learn how to respect your own greatness. I will then be your Father more than ever, the most lovable and merciful of fathers.

I have come to bring peace with this work of love. I will let a ray of peace fall upon anyone who honors me and trusts in Me, so that he will be relieved in all his troubles, all his worries, sufferings and afflictions, especially if he calls Me and loves Me as his Father. If families honor Me and love Me as their Father, I will give them My peace together with My providence. If workers, businessmen and artisans invoke and honor Me, I will give them My peace and My strength, I will show Myself to be the good and merciful Father. If each Christian community invokes and honors Me, I will give in My peace, I will show Myself to be a most loving Father, and through My power I will ensure the eternal salvation of souls.

If all mankind invokes and honor Me, there will be no more discord, nor wars, because I am he God of peace and where I am, there no war can be.

Do you wish to gain victory over your enemy? Call upon Me and you will triumph over Him.

Finally, you know that I can do everything because of My power. Well, I am offering this power to all of you, to use now and for eternity. I will always show Myself to be your Father, provided that you show yourselves to be My children.

What do I desire to achieve this work of love, if not to find hearts able to understand Me?

I am the holiness of which I possess the perfect and full expression; I offer your this holiness, of which I am the Author, through My Holy Spirit, and I instill it in your souls through My Son's merits. It is through My Son and the Holy Spirit that I am coming to you and into you, and it is in you that I seek My repose.

To some souls, the words "I am coming into you" will seem a mystery, but is not a mystery! Because, having instructed My Son to institute the Holy Eucharist, I intended to come to you every time you received the Sacred Host!

Of course, nothing prevented Me from coming to you even before the Eucharist, as nothing is impossible to Me! But receiving this Sacrament is an action that is easy to understand and it shows how I come to you!

When I am in you, I can more easily give you what I possess, provided that you ask Me for it. Through this Sacrament you are intimately united with Me. It is in this intimacy that the outpouring of My love makes My holiness spread into your souls.

I fill you with My love, then you have only to ask Me for the virtues and perfection you need and you can be sure that in those moments when God is reposing in His creatures, nothing will be refused you.

Since you know My favorite place of rest, are you not going to offer Me it? I am your Father and your God; will you dare refuse me this? Oh, do not let Me suffer because of your cruelty towards a Father Who is asking you for this one favor for Himself.

Before ending this message, I want to express a wish to numerous souls who are consecrated to My service. You, priests and religious, are those souls. You are dedicated to My service, whether in the contemplative life or in charitable and apostolic works, For My part, this is a privilege granted through My goodness; for your part, it is faithfulness to your vocation, together with our good will."

I will show myself to be the Father of all those who are abandoned, the outcasts of every human society. I will show Myself as a Father to the afflicted, the sick, and above all, to those who are in agony. I will show Myself as a Father to all families, to orphans, widows, prisoners, workers and the young. I will show Myself as the Father of kings, the Father of their nations. You will all feel My goodness and My protection, you will all see My power!

My fatherly and divine blessing on everyone. Amen!

Especially to My Son and Representative. Amen!

Especially to My son, the bishop. Amen!

Especially to My son, your spiritual father. Amen!

Especially to My daughters, your mothers. Amen!

To all the congregation of My love. Amen!

To all the Church and to all the clergy. Amen!

A very special blessing to the Church in purgatory.

Amen! Amen!

"But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for such the Father seeks to worship him. God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." - John 4:23-24


 Father of All Mankind Consecration and Feast Day


Several years ago, a separate God The Father of All Mankind Apostolate was formed in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to promote the Father of All Mankind Feast day and consecration. The advisory Board includes many well known priests such as Fr. Renee Laurentian and Fr. Richard Foley, S.J., as well as Mr. John Haffert of the Blue Army.

The Holy Octave of Consecration to God our Father involves eight days of prayer, scripture reading, and meditation. The first seven days serve as preparatory steps leading to the final day of assembly and solemn consecration - The Feast of the Father of All Mankind. Although the consecration can be done at any time by setting aside an eight-day period, it is suggested that it be renewed formally each year ending on the first Sunday of August and that it be renewed each day by praying the chaplet. The Father of All Mankind Apostolate have developed an 8 day consecration and proposed feast day booklet to people to use to consecrate themselves to God The Father of All Mankind. The chaplet to be prayed each day is printed below.


Advisory Board

Very Rev. Richard Whetstone, J.C.O.L., Fr. Rene Laurentin, Fr. Richard Foley, S.J., Fr. Jacques Daley, O.S.B., Fr. Joseph Chornyak, Fr. David Kriss, Fr. Joseph Feltz, Br. Thomas Somerfield, Fr. Sylvester Catallo, Fr. Michael Semana, Fr. Robert Herman, Fr. Kenneth Keene, Fr. Bill McCarthy, Fr. John Kirk, Fr. John Fernz, Msgr. Geroge Yontz, Fr. Edwin Moran, CP, Paul Bogdon, Esquire, Jeremiah Costello, Ph.D, Dr. Frank Novasack, Dan Lynch, Esquire, Mr. John Haffert, Jeffrey J. Starre, MD, Fr. Reginald DeFour CSSP, Fr. John F. Donoghue, Louis M Tarasi Jr, Esquire and Fr. Don Mantica.


To Order Books and Medals -

 The Father Of All Mankind consecration and feast day booklet is $2. The God the Father medal (small) is $1.50. The larger medal is $3. The medal is pictured on the consecration booklet. Please send your order to the address below. Please include $4.00 for postage and handling for orders up to $25.00. $6.00 for orders between $25 and $50. $8.00 for orders between $50 and $100. 8% on orders of $100 or more. Orders are shipped by Priority Mail.

Inspired by the Holy Spirit, this beautiful, eight day consecration prayer to the Eternal Father is something that all Catholics will find to be very special for enriching their faith. Consecration to God Father will certainly have tremendous effect on those who practise this devotion and recite the daily chaplet. Advisory board members of the God The Father of All Mankind Apostolate include many well known priests and individuals including Fr. Renee Laurentian, Fr. Richard Foley, S.J., as well as Mr. John Haffert of the Blue Army.

Based entirely on Scriptural passages from both the old and new testament, this consecration prayer is founded on sound theology. A Chaplet of Consecration and Holy Octave Medal are also recommend to accompany this devotion. Also available, Holy Octave of Consecration to God our Father Medal.

In The Gospels

Our Father -

.. is the only true God. (Jn 17:3)

.. is our one Father, who is in heaven. (Mt 23:9)

.. is perfect. (Mt 5:48)

.. knows what we need before we ask him. (Mt 6:8)

.. gives us our daily bread. (Mt 6:11)

.. delivers us from evil (Mt 6:13)

.. forgives our offenses. (Mt 6:14)

.. gives good things to those who ask him. (Mt 7:11)

.. reveals to little ones. (Mt 11:25)

.. has compassion (Lk 15:20)

.. makes his sun to rise upon the good and the bad. (Mt 5:45)

.. is kind to the unthankful. (Lk 6:35)

.. is merciful (Lk 6:36)

.. gives us His Holy Spirit. (Jn 14:16; 15:26)

.. raises up the dead and gives life. (Jn 5:21)

.. gives us a kingdom. (Lk 12:32)

.. embraces and kisses us when we return to him. (Lk 15:20)

.. alone knows the day and hour that heaven and earth will pass away. (Mk 13:32)

Jesus tells us that He is "my Father and your Father," "my God and your God." (Jn 20:17)


In The Catechism Of The Catholic Church

The Church recognizes the Father as "the source and origin of the whole divinity." (#245)

It is the Father who generates. (#254)

He is our Father from whom all things are. (#258)

The Father is the principal without principal ...the first origin of the Spirit. (#248)

The Fathers's name has been revealed to us in the Son, for the name "Son" implies the new name "Father." (#2779)

Jesus revealed that God is Father ....(#240)

God is the Father Almighty, whose Fatherhood and power shed light on one another: God reveals His omnipotence by the way He takes care of our needs; by the filial adoption He gives us ... finally by His infinite mercy, for He displays His power at its height by freely forgiving sins. (#270)

By calling God "Father," the language of faith indicates two main things: that God is the first origin of everything and transcendent authority; and that He is at the same time goodness and loving care for all His children. (#239)

`We can invoke God as "Father" because He is revealed to us by His Son become man and because His Spirit makes Him known to us. (#2780)

He is not the Father who is the Son, nor is the Son He who is the Father, nor is the Holy Spirit He who is the Father or the Son. The are distinct from one another in their relations of origin: "It is the Father who generates, the Son who is begotten, and the Holy Spirit who proceeds. The diving Unity is the Triune. (#254)

Daily Chaplet to God Our Father


1. In The Name Of The Father, And the Son, And the Holy Spirit. Amen.

2. Introductory Prayer: Dearest God our Father, I humbly ask that on my journey home to you, Your Holy Angels protect and guide me; that your Blessed Saints in Heaven intercede for me, and that your Suffering Souls in Purgatory pray for me, as I pray for them now. Amen.

3. Hail Mary, Full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee, Blessed art Though among women, and blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus. Holy Mary, Mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.

4. Jesus, my God and my Savior, You loved me so much, You died for me on the Cross, so that I, too, could return to our Father in Heaven. You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Through Your Holy Eucharist, please sustain me and be present with me on my journey home to You. Amen.

5. Holy Spirit, my God and my Sanctifier, Jesus sent you to me for my journey back home to the Father. Please purify and refine me. Fill me with your Divine Light and Love so that the Presence of God may dwell with me and in me. Amen.

6. Our Father, Who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name, they Kingdom come, they will be done on earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us, and lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen.

7. 1st Major Octave - The Disobedience and Exile of God's Children. Our Father who art in heaven.....

a) Say the following Minor Octave after each Major octave:

* In Praise I Love Your Father and give myself to You!

* In Thanksgiving I Love You Father and give myself to You!

* In Offering I Love You Father and give myself to You!

* In Repentance I Love You Father and give myself to You!

* In my Inheritance I Love You Father and give myself to You!

* In Saying my "Fiat" I Love You Father and give myself to You!

* In Fidelity I Love You Father and give myself to You!

* In Consecration I Love You Father and give myself to You!

Second Major Octave: The Presence of God our Father in The Old Testament.

1. Our Father......... 2.) The above Minor Octave.

Third Major Octave: The Fiat of Mary, our Mother.

1. Our Father.......... 2.) The above Minor Octave

Fourth Major Octave: The Fiat of Jesus, Our Savior

1. Our Father......... 2.) The above Minor Octave

Fifth Major Octave: The Sending of the Holy Spirit, Our Sanctifier

1. Our Father........ 2.) The above Minor Octave

Sixth Major Octave: The Choice of God's Prodigal Children to Return to Their Father.

1. Our Father.......... 2.) The above Minor Octave

Seventh Major Octave: The Fiat of God our Father's Children

1. Our Father........... 2.) The above Minor Octave

Eighth Major Octave: The Coming of the New Jerusalem

1. Our Father............ 2.) The above Minor Octave

Closing Prayer - Dearest God Our Father, I love You! I adore You! I worship You! Amen.


God The Father's Prayer Vigil


It is requested that a prayer and adoration vigil take place on the 6th day of every month starting at 9:00 P.M. and ending at 6:00 A.M. on the 7th. This perpetual watch is in honor of God the Father, so that the Divine Father may be known, loved and honored by all men. It may take place in the Church, chapel, in the home, or any other appropriate place.


God Is my Father


My Father in Heaven, how sweet it is to know that You are my Father and that I am your Child!

Especially when the skies of my souls are cloudy and my cross weighs more heavily, I feel the need to repeat to You: Father, I believe in Your love for me!

Yes, I believe that You are a Father to me at every moment of my life, and that I am Your child!

I believe that You love me with an infinite love!

I believe that You are watching over me night and day and that not a hair falls from my head without your permission!

I believe that, in Your infinite Wisdom, You know better than I what is good for me.

I believe that, in Your infinite power, You can bring good even out of evil.

I believe that, in Your infinite goodness, You make everything to the advantage of those who love You; even under the hands of those who strike me I kiss Your hand which heals!

I believe, but increase in me faith, hope and love!

Teach me always to see You love as my guide in every event of my life.

Teach me to surrender myself to You like a baby in its mother's arms.

Father, You know everything. You see everything, you know me better than I know myself; You can do everything, and You love me!

My Father, since it is Your wish that we should always turn to You, I come with confidence to ask You, together with Jesus and Mary....(here request the favor that you desire).

For this intention, and uniting myself to their Most Sacred Hearts, I offer You all my prayers, my sacrifices and mortification's, all my actions, and greater faithfulness to my duties.

Give me the light, the grace and the power of the Holy Spirit!

Strengthen me in this Spirit, that I may never lose Him, never sadden Him and never allow Him to become weaker in me.

My Father, I ask this in the name of Jesus, Your Son! And You, Jesus, open Your Heart and place in it my own, and, together with Mary's, offer it to our divine Father! Obtain for me the grace that I need!

Divine Father, call all men to Yourself. Let all the world proclaim Your fatherly goodness and You divine mercy!

Be a tender Father to me and protect me wherever I am, like the apple of Your eye. Make me always a worthy son/daughter; have mercy on me!

Divine Father, sweet hope of our souls, may You be known, honored and loved by all men!

Divine Father, infinite goodness poured out on all peoples, may You be known, honored and loved by all men!

Divine Father, beneficent dew of humanity, may You be known, honored and loved by all men! - Mother Eugenia


Partial Indulgence

+ GIRARD, Vicar Apostolic of Cairo, October 9th, 1935

+JEAN, Cardinal VERDIER, Archbishop of Paris, May 8th, 1936


Private Devotional Prayers 

Providence has given into our hands the "Rosary of the Father" in its five mysteries: spontaneous collaboration from several sides has enriched it with biblical references and litanies. This prayer has been approved by the Archbishop of Foggia, Mons. Giuseppe Casale, on November 23, 1988.

The Rosary of the Father, in five stations, helps us to reflect on His mercy, which "is stronger than evil, stronger than sin or death" (Dives in Misericordia, V111,15.) It reminds us that mankind can and must become an instrument for the triumph of the Love of the Father, giving its "yes" to Him in fullness and thus taking its place in the circle of Trinitarian Love that renders it "the living glory of God."

We ought not replace the Rosary of Mary by that of the Father. We ought rather, after reciting the entire Marian Rosary of 15 stations, ask "Our Mother in Heaven" to recite the Rosary of the Father with us. She will do that and with us will invoke our Heavenly Father! ABBA, Pater will not be able to resist our call; He will come and will make "heavens and earth new."

First Mystery: We contemplate the triumph of the Father in the Garden of Eden when after the sin of Adam and Eve, He promises the coming of the Lord. "The Lord God said to the serpent: Because you have done this, you shall be banned from all the animals and from all the wild creatures; On your belly shall you crawl, and dirt shall you earth all the days of your life. I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your offspring and hers; He will strike at your head, while you strike at His heel." - (Gen 3,14-35) 1 Hail Mary and 10 Our Father's

Second Mystery - We contemplate the triumph of the Father at the moment of the fiat of Mary during the annunciation. "The Angel said to Mary: "Do not fear Mary. You have found favor with God. You shall conceive and bear a son and give Him the name Jesus. Great will be His dignity and He will be called the Son of the Most High. The Lord God will give Him the throne of David His Father. He will rule over the house of Jacob forever and His reign will be without end." (Luke: 1,30-33) 1 Hail Mary and 10 Our Fathers.

Third Mystery - We contemplate the triumph of the Father in the garden of Gethsemani when He gives all His power to the Son. "Father, if it is Your will, take this cup from Me; yet not My will but Yours be done. An angel then appeared to Him from heaven to strengthen Him. In His anguish He prayed with all the greater intensity, and His sweat became like drops of blood falling to the ground. (Luke 22, 42-44) 1 Hail Mary and 10 Our Fathers.

Four Mystery - We contemplate the triumph of the Father at the moment of every particular judgement. "While he was still a long way off, his father caught sight of him and was deeply moved. He rant out to meet him, threw his arms around his neck, and kissed him. The son said to him, Father, I have sinned against God and against you: I no longer deserve to be called your son. The father said to his servants: Quick! bring out the finest robe and put it on him; put a ring on his finger and shoes on his feet. Take the fatted calf and kill it. Let us eat and celebrate because this son of mine was dead and has come back to life. He was lost and is found. (Luke 15, 20-24) 1 Hail Mary and 10 our Fathers.

Fifth Mystery: We contemplate the triumph of the Father at the moment of final judgement. "Then I saw a new heavens and a new earth. The former heavens and the former earth had passed away, and the sea was no longer. I also saw a new Jerusalem, the holy city, coming down out heaven from God, beautiful a a bride prepared to meet her husband. I heard a loud voice from the throne cry out: "This is God's dwelling among men. He shall dwell with them and they shall be His people and He shall be their God who is always with them. He shall wipe every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no more death or mourning, crying out or pain, for the former world has passed away." ( Rev: 21-24) 1 Hail Mary and 10 Our Fathers, Glory be.....,My good Father....,Angel of God.





O God, Father in heaven.................."have mercy of us"

O God Son, Redeemer of the world..

O God Holy Spirit..............................

Holy Trinity, one God........................

Father, Creator of the world.............

Father, propitiator of the world.........

Father, eternal wisdom......................

Father, infinite goodness...................

Father, bountiful................................

Father, fount of all things..................

Father, most sweet............................

Father, of infinite mercy....................

Father, our defender..........................

Father, our glory and happiness.......

Father, richness of all people............

Father, triumph of all nations............

Father, hope of all Christians............

Father, splendor of the Church.......

Father, splendor of the kings..........

Father, overthrough of the idols.......

Father, solace of the people..............

Father, joy of priests.........................

Father, guide of men..........................

Father, gift of men.............................

Father, gift of family..........................

Father, help of the poor.....................

Father, guide of the youth.................

Father, friend of the children............

Father, freedom of slaves.................

Father, light to those who are in darkness..

Father, destroyer of the proud..........

Father, wisdom of the just.................

Father, rest in tribulations.................

Father, hope in desolation.................

Father, harbor of safety..................

Father, consolation of the poor.........

Father, consolation of the afflicted...

Father, refuge of the hopeless..........

Father, refuge of the orphans...........

Father, refuge of the aged.................

Father, refuge of the dying................

Father, extinguishes the thirst of our poverty..

Father, life of the dead......................

Father, glory of the saints.................

Lamb of God, who take away the sins of the world - Spare us O Lord!

Lamb of God, who take away................................... - Graciously hear us, O Lord!

Lamb of God, who take away................................... - Have mercy on us!



Servitor Pater


The Fruit of silence is prayer.

The Fruit of prayer is faith.

The Fruit of faith is love.

The Fruit of love is service.

The Fruit of service is peace - Mother Teresa


"Do you not know I must be about My Father's business? " - Luke, ch. 2, v. 49


Servitor Pater is a lay apostolate dedicated to making God our Father known, loved and honored. In response to the Holy Father's call to evangelize "to the ends of the earth", we have developed this web page. We pledge fidelity to the Holy Father and the Roman Catholic Church.

God the Father consecration was sent to Pope John Paul on two occasions in 1999 requesting a feast day in honor of God The Father.  A letter from the Vatican acknowledged the material was received.