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A List of Some Good Practicing Famous Catholics

The following is a small sample of some famous Catholic people who are faithful to the authentic Teaching of the Catholic Church. This is not a definitive list. LPCA has done its very best to show that a famous Catholic person is faithful to the authentic Teaching of the Church, by posting citations for each person. Since humanity is weak, it is possible that a famous Catholic person listed below can fall into mortal sin for example. LPCA will do its best to make appropriate changes to the list when needed, if discovered a Catholic celebrity is unfaithful to Christ and His Church. LPCA is not responsible for any statements and opinions made by any of the famous Catholics listed. If you are interested in getting more information about the fidelity of a famous Catholic person to the authentic teaching of the Catholic Church, contact EWTN's TV Viewer Response Department, EWTN's Q&A Section, and Insidecatholic.com for more information.


Aaron Neville ("The World Over" Air Dates: 12/22/2000, 1/19/01 and 12/19/2003)

Alec Guinness

Amy Kerr "America's Junior Miss 2002" ("Life On The Rock" Air Date: 8/14/2003)

Alessandra Borghese

Abby Johnson / Abby 2

Austin Ruse

Bob and Delores Hope ("Mother Angelica Live" Air Date: 9/14/99) / Death of Bob Hope

Bob Novak ("The World Over" Air Date: 7/27/2007) / The Prince of Darkness: 50 Years Reporting in Washington by Robert D. Novak

Christopher Columbus / The Internet Guide to Christopher Columbus

Congressman Chris Smith

Conrad Black

Collin Raye

Charles Carroll of Carrollton / ("The Journey Home" Interviews author Scott A. McDermott, Air Date: 10/13/03)

Catherine Hicks ("The World Over" Air Date: 5/11/01)

Clarence Gilyard ("Life On The Rock" Air Date: 5/29/03)

Carroll O'Connor  ("The World Over" Air Date:6/29/01)

Carolyn Gilman (Fmr. Maine State Senator)

Christopher Dawson / ("Catholic Authors"  an EWTN show, Program 16) / (Dawson on EWTN Library) / Christopher Dawson Archives

Colleen Carroll Campbell

Dino Rossi (Fmr. Washington state senator)

Dion  Dimucci / ("Life On The Rock" Air Date: 11/25/99) / ("The Journey Home" Air Dates: 6/18/1999 and 5/1/2006)

Dana / ("Mother Angelica Live" Air Date: 8/13/02) / Dana 2 / Dana 3

Dr. Bernard Nathanson

Deal Hudson ("An Important Announcement" CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter-September 21, 2004) / (Saying Goodbye-CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter-October 20, 2004) / "Crisis Magazine of Conversations with Deal Hudson" an EWTN Series / "The Church & Culture Today" an EWTN Series / An American Conversion / A Sad Disclosure of a Sadder Event (CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter-August 20, 2004)

Dr. Lee Edwards ("Your Vocation - God's Call in Your Life"  Program 2)

David Alton / ("The Journey Home" Air Date: 11/11/02)  ("The World Over" Air Date: 7/19/02)

Dr. Alan Keyes ("The World Over" Air Date: 1/26/01)

Dr. Anthony Rizzi / ("The Journey Home" Air Dates: 12/5/2005 and 6/9/2003) / The Science Before Science: A Guide to Thinking in the 21st Century by Dr. Anthony Rizzi / ("EWTN Live" Air Dates: 12/7/2005 and 9/8/2004)

Dr. Paul Vitz / ("The World Over" Air Date: 6/15/01) / ("The Journey Home" Air Date: 8/19/02) / ("Sunday Night Live w/ Fr. Benedict Groeschel" Air Date: 5/1/2005)

Dr. Frederick Zugibe ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 8/24/2005)

Dolores Hart ("Sunday Night Live w/ Fr. Benedict Groeschel" Air Date: 10/26/2008) / Actress / Abbey of Regina Laudis / ("EWTN Live" Air Dates: 3/25/2009 & 8/28/2013) / The Ear of the Heart / World Over - 2013-06-06 - Mother Dolores Hart / MOTHER DOLORES HART

Danny Abramowicz

Eduardo Verastegui ("The World Over" Air Date: 10/12/2007) / "Bella" (Eduardo's Movie)

Fmr. Congressmen Robert K. Dornan / ("The World Over" Air Dates: 5/24/02, 1/24/2003, and 5/23/2003)

Fmr. Congressman Henry Hyde ("Catholic Explorer", 6/12/2006) / The Gentleman from Illinois / President and Mrs. Bush Deeply Saddened by the Death of Henry Hyde

Frmr. Ambassador Francis Rooney / World Over - EWTN - 10/26/2013

Fmr. Ambassador Lindy Boggs

Fmr. Ambassador Raymond Flynn ("The World Over" Air Dates: 3/2/2001 and 11/5/2004)

Fmr. Governor Bob Casey

Fmr. Ambassador Jim Nicholson ("The World Over" Air Date: 8/9/2002) / US envoy bids Pope farewell (2005) / Fmr. Secretary Jim Nicholson (Secretary of  Veterans Affairs)

Fmr. Professor Mary Ann Glendon / ("The World Over" Air Date: 8/5/2005) / Fmr. Ambassador Mary Ann Glendon, U.S. Ambassador-Designate to the Holy See

Fmr. Senator Sam Brownback / Mr. Brownback by Fr. Pavone (January 1, 2007) / Brownback Takes Kansas in Landslide / Gov. Brownback Inaugural 2011 Speech

G. K. Chesterton

Gary Sinise / Grateful American: A Journey from Self to Service

George Weigel / ("The World Over" Air Dates: 2/8/2002, 9/27/2002, 1/24/2003, 2/27/2004 and  5/28/2004) / George Weigel Online Archive

Guy Doud / ("The Journey Home" Air Date: 9/18/2006)

Hilaire Belloc / Belloc 2

H.W. Crocker III  / H.W. Crocker III Archives / What’s So Great About Catholicism / Great Moments in Church History

J. R. R. Tolkien / ("Catholic Authors" an EWTN Series, Program 10) / JRR Tolkien 2 / TOLKIEN: MAN & MYTH , A LITERARY LIFE / J.R.R. Tolkien: Myth, Morality and Religion / TOLKIEN: A CELEBRATION / THE PHILOSOPHY OF TOLKIEN

Joseph Pearce / ("The Journey Home" Air Dates: 11/19/2001 and 3/3/2003) / ("The World Over" Air Date: 12/14/2001) / ("Life on the Rock" Air Date: 12/12/2002)

Jim Caviezel  ("The World Over" Air Dates: 1/18/02, 4/25/03, 11/21/2013, 8/21/2014, 3/5/2004, 03/15/2018, 03/22/2018) / Jim 2

Judge Bork ("The World Over" Air Date: 9/26/03) / Judge Bork Converts to the Catholic Faith / Former Solicitor General, Supreme Court Nominee Robert Bork Dies

Judge Bill Pryor

Joanna & James Bogle / Joanna Bogle 2 / Catholicism: The Heart of History / Joanna Bogle: Author, Journalist, Broadcaster

Jim Towey (Fmr. Director of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives) ("The World Over" Air Dates: 10/25/02 and 3/8/2012)  / Crisis Interviews Jim Towey   President Thanks Faith-Based Director Jim Towey for His Service / President of Ave Maria University

Keenan Kampa / ("The World Over" Air Date: 3/1/2012)

Kevin James

Lea Salonga  ("The World Over" Air Date: 11/8/02)

Lila Rose / NCRegister-How Lila Rose Became Pro-Life ... and Catholic

Leah Darrow / Leah 2 / The Journey Home - 2012-11-26 - Leah Darrow - Revert- Former contestant on ANTM - YouTube

Lindsay Younce ("Life on the Rock" Air Date: 8/26/2004) / Lindsay (Facebook)  / Therese Movie (Web Site)

Leonardo de Filippis ("Life on the Rock" Air Date: 8/26/2004) / St. Luke Productions

Laura Ingraham / ("CRISIS Magazine - e-Letter" September 23, 2003) / ("The World Over" Air Date: 9/21/2007)

Lou Holtz / Three Rules for Living a Good Life: A Game Plan for after Graduation

Mark Forrest  / ("Life On The Rock" Air Date: 6/6/02)

Marie Miller / Marie 2

Mary-Louise Kurey / ("Life On The Rock" Air Date: 6/1/00)

Malcom Muggeridge / "LITERARY CONVERTS" / "MALCOLM MUGGERIDGE-VIDEO" / ("Catholic Authors"  an EWTN show, Program 17)

Mary Higgins Clark ("The World Over" Air Dates: 9/7/01 & 5/30/2013) / maryhigginsclark.com

Michael Novak ("The World Over" Air Date: 5/31/2002)

Marta DuBois / holywoodactingstudio.com

Mike Piazza  ("The World Over" Air Date: 11/9/01)

Michael Reagan ("The World Over" Air Date: 2/10/2011)

Norma McCorvey / My Journey into the Catholic Church 

Newt Gingrich-Fmr. Speaker of the US House ("The World Over" Air Dates: 4/30/2010, 2/9/2012 and 5/10/2012)

Nellie Gray

Orestes Brownson / Orestes Brownson--Catholic Encyclopedia

Pip & Barbara Brennan: the owners of "Brennan's Restaurant" in New Orleans, LA / ("The World Over" Air Date: 7/18/03)

Pam Stenzel / ("Life On The Rock" Air Date: 6/15/2000)

Patrick J. Buchanan ("The World Over" Air Dates: 11/17/00, 3/22/02, 1/3/03, 9/10/2004 and 5/5/2006)

Paul Weyrich / Conservative Icon Paul Weyrich Dies

Placido Domingo / ("The World Over" Air Dates: 12/20/02 and 10/9/2009)

Ricardo Montalban  ("The World Over" Air Date: 3/20/98)

Robert P. George / ("World Over" Air Date: 6/25/2004) / ("Sunday Night Live w/ Fr. Benedict Groeschel" Air Date: 4/5/2009)

Robert Evans-"The Donut Man" / ("The Journey Home" Air Date: 9/11/2006)

Ret. Captain Scott O'Grady ("The World Over" Air Date: 5/25/01)

Ret. Lt. Gen. Harold G. Moore("The World Over" Air Dates: 7/5/2002, 5/27/2005 and 7/4/2008) / A General's Spiritual Journey (Book) / Interview: 'A General’s Spiritual Journey'

Ret. Radm. Jeremiah Denton ("The World Over" Air Dates: 11/10/2000 and 10/19/01)

Steven W. Mosher / ("The Journey Home" Air Date: 5/2/2005)

Sargent Shriver / A Good Man: Rediscovering My Father, Sargent Shriver

Susan Boyle

Steve Bannon

Tara  Lipinski ("The World Over" Air Date: 2/23/01)

Tom Grace / ("The World Over" Air Date: 10/3/2008)  / TomGrace.net

Tim Conway ("The World Over" Air Dates: 1/9/2014 & 3/7/2008) / The Official Tim Conway Web Site

Tony Snow / President Bush Attends Funeral Service for Tony Snow

Thomas Monaghan (the founder and owner of Domino’s Pizza) / Thomas S. Monaghan 2 Thomas Monaghan: Spreading the 'dough' ("The Florida Catholic", 1/12/2007)

Tatiana / "Life On The Rock" Air Dates: 3/14/02, 7/27/00 and 9/16/99)

Tom Wilson / ("Life On The Rock" Air Dates: 3/4/99 and 5/3/01)

US Justice Clarence Thompson ("The World Over" Air Date: 12/14/2007) / My Grandfather's Son

William A. Donohue / ("The World Over" Air Dates: 3/1/2002 and 9/19/2003)

William F. Buckley Jr. ("The World Over" Air Date: 10/3/1997) / President Honors Buckley at 50th Anniversary of National Review / Nearer, My God: An Autobiography of Faith / William F. Buckley Jr. Archive on National Review Online / Statement by the President on Death of William F. Buckley

William Shakespeare ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 1/23/2008) / The Religion of Shakespeare (Was Shakespeare Catholic?) / Assurances of faith- How Catholic Was Shakespeare? How Catholic Are His Plays? By Paul J. Voss / Shakespeare, the secret rebel / Shakespeare’s Catholicism ("The World Over" Air Dates: 8/17/2001, 7/25/2008 and 9/16/2005) / THE QUEST FOR SHAKESPEARE

William Peter Blatty

William P. Clark / The Judge William P. Clark, Ronald Reagan's Top Hand