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October 29, 2003


Dear Friend,

I've got a couple important things I need to tell you about. In a
moment, I'll  give you an encouraging update on that faithful
Catholic politician e-letter I sent you last week.

But first, I'm going to surprise you. (At least I hope it's a

As you may recall, about six months ago, I made a special offer for
you to receive a year's subscription to CRISIS Magazine for $10.
(Yes, just $10... one-third the normal price.)

At the time, we had some restrictions. The biggest one was that we
couldn't offer that price for gift subscriptions. Also, we were
limiting it to one per household.

We got a lot of mail from people frustrated that they couldn't give
subscriptions to friends, family, and their pastors. After all, they
noted, the goal was to get the magazine out to as many people as

Well, they had a good point.

So, with Christmas approaching and the gift-buying cycle getting
under way, I want to make you that $10 offer once again.

And now, you can use it for gift subscriptions as well... and you
can get as many subscriptions as you like.

In other words, if you're not a CRISIS reader, this is the perfect
time to give us a try. And if you are a CRISIS reader, you can get
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And, of course, if you're already reading CRISIS, you can renew your
subscription for a full year for the same price of $10. (You didn't
think I was going to leave out our loyal readers, did you?)

So, why am I putting such a big push on right now? Well, we've got
some major articles coming up in the next few months, and I want to
make absolutely sure you see them.

Let me give you a few quick examples...

In our upcoming December issue (we're calling it "The God Issue"),
we have a blockbuster cover story on the case for God's existence. If
anyone you know thinks that Christians believe God exists merely on
blind faith, you MUST give them this article.

And in that same issue, we have another piece that utterly destroys
the most popular argument for atheism... the problem of evil. (If God
is all-good and all-powerful, he wouldn't allow needless suffering.
But since there is needless suffering, God must not exist.) Once
you've read this article, you'll be able to take this claim apart
with ease.

I honestly don't want to sound like a salesman, but this issue ALONE
is worth 10 bucks.

And if you order your subscription by 12AM Monday night, I can
guarantee you'll receive the December issue.

But there is one catch (don't worry... it's a small one). We can
only offer 1500 subscriptions at this price. The last time we offered
the magazine for $10, the subscriptions got snapped up very quickly.

So, if you're interested in taking me up on this, please put your
order in right away! Click here:

Alright, I'm done with the sales pitch.

As I mentioned on Monday, I want to give you a quick update on the
Catholic politicians e-letter I sent last week. If you recall, I
asked you to write me with any other names of up-and-coming faithful
Catholic politicians.

Well, we got flooded with suggestions for names to add to our list
(thank you!). In the last couple days, we've been following up on
them, and I wanted to bring a few more lesser-known faithful Catholic
politicians to your attention.

Now, a number of people wondered why we hadn't listed Senator Rick
Santorum (R-PA), Rep. Chris Smith (R-NJ), or Senator Sam Brownback
(R-KS) as faithful Catholics in politics. The reason is simple: I
wanted to focus on the names most of you had never heard before.
(Though hopefully, you'll be hearing more about them in the future.)

Happily, Santorum, Smith, and Brownback are all well known. And,
needless to say, each is a fantastic example of a Catholic in
politics who stands up for the truth, no matter what. In fact, CRISIS
readers know that Rick Santorum is one of our monthly columnists (he
writes "From The Hill," covering the controversial  issues that come
up in Washington).

But now, let's take a brief look at a few more up-and-coming
faithful Catholic politicians. Some of these men and women might be
working in your own backyard...

** U.S. Congressman Pat Toomey (R-PA)
The strongly pro-life Catholic Pat Toomey is now running for the
Senate against liberal pro-abortion Republican, Arlen Specter. Toomey
has a 100% pro-life record, has the full support of both the
Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation and the National Right to Life and
was presented the Family Research Council's True Blue award for his
solid support of the traditional family.

** U.S. Congressman David Vitter (R-LA)
This Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Harvard (also
a Rhodes Scholar) is strongly pro-family, in addition to being a
faithful Catholic (and a lector at his local parish).

** Maine State Senator, Carolyn Gilman (R)
A former librarian and mother of five (with five grandchildren),
Gilman ran on a pro-life platform, beating an experienced
pro-abortion politician. On November 8, she'll be addressing a Women
Affirming Life breakfast in Portland.

** Member of Parliament for Calgary Southeast, Canada, Jason Kenney
Despite its own political problems, our neighbor to the north can
still boast some very brave public servants. Jason Kenney is a
perfect example. This strong Catholic not only stood up to Prime
Minister Jean Chretien's surrender to gay marriage, but he also
entered a special tribute to Pope John Paul II into the House of
Commons record on the pontiff's recent 25th anniversary. Of the many
wonderful things Kenney said, he observed that the pope "has
continued to preach his message of the divine origin of human dignity
against post-modern distortions of freedom, the excesses of
materialism, and the culture of death."

These are just a few of the many names we received over the past few
days. In the upcoming weeks, I'll introduce you to some of the
others, including -- yes -- some Democrats.

While it's easy to get discouraged by those candidates who use their
Catholicism to get elected and then reject it in office, it's good to
see that there are some brave exceptions to this rule.

And if the many names we've received are any indication, we may be
looking at the beginning of a very positive trend. I'll be sure to
keep you updated on this.

My apologies for the long email. I'll talk to you again next week,


P.S. Remember, if you want to take advantage of the $10
subscription, renewal, and gift subscription offer, please do it now.
We're only offering 1500 discounted subscriptions. Click here to


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