The Fifteen Secret Tortures of Our Lord


 Revealed to the pious, God-loving Sister Mary Magdalen of the Sancta Clara Order, Franciscan, who lived, died and was Beatified in Rome. Jesus fulfilled the wish of this Sister who desired ardently to know something about the secret tortures which He endured the night before His death.


"The Jews considered Me as the most wretched man living on earth so that is why . . ."

  1.  "They fastened My feet with a rope and dragged Me over the stepping stones of the staircase, down into a filthy, nauseating cellar."

  2.  "They took off my clothes and stung My body with iron joints."

  3.  "They attached a rope around My body and pulled Me along the ground, from end to end."

  4.  "They hanged Me on a wooden piece with a slipknot until I slipped out and fell down. Overwhelmed by this torture, I wept bloody tears."

  5.  "They tied Me to a post and pierced My body with arms."

  6.  "They struck Me with stones and burnt Me with blazing embers and torches."

  7.  "They pierced Me with awls; sharp spears tore My skin, flesh and arteries out of My body."

  8.  "They tied Me to a post and made Me stand, barefoot, on an incandescent metal sheet."

  9.  "They crowned Me with an iron crown and wrapped My eyes with the dirtiest possible rags."

  10.  "They made me sit on a chair covered with sharp pointed nails, causing deep wounds in My body."

  11.  "They poured on My wounds liquid lead and resin and, after this torture, they pressed Me on the nailed chair, so the nails went, deeper and deeper into my flesh."

  12.  "For shame and affliction, they drove needles into the holes of My uprooted beard. Then they tied My hands behind My back and led Me walking out of prison with strikes and blows."

  13.  "They threw Me upon a cross and attached Me so tightly that I could hardly breathe any more."

  14.  "They threw at My head as I lay on the earth, and they stepped on Me, hurting My breast."

  15.  "They poured into My mouth the most immodest excretions, as they uttered the most infamous expressions about Me."

Then Jesus added:


"My daughter, I desire that you let everyone know these fifteen secret tortures, in order that every one of them be honored."


"Anyone who daily offers Me, with love, one of these sufferings and says with fervor the following prayer, will be rewarded with eternal glory on the day of judgement."


Devotional Prayer:


"My Lord and My God, it is my unchangeable will to honor You in these fifteen secret torments when You shed Your Precious Blood. As many times as there are grains of sand around the seas, as grains of wheat in the fields, as blades of grass in the meadows, as fruit in the orchards, as leaves on the trees, as flowers in the gardens, as stars in the sky, as angels in Heaven, as creatures on earth so many thousands of times may You be glorified, praised and honored, O most love-worthy Lord Jesus Christ - Your Holiest Heart, Your Precious Blood, Your Divine Sacrifice for mankind, the Holiest Sacrament of the Altar, The Most Holy Virgin Mary, the nine glorious choirs of Angels and the Blessed Phalanx of the Saints, from myself and everyone, now and forever, and In the eternal ages."


(This devotion is approved and recommended by His Holiness Clement II, 1730-1740.)