A Tribute to the Life and Death of St. Pope John Paul II



(Pontifical Years: October 16,1978 -April 2, 2005)

(Lived From: May 18,1920-April 2, 2005)

(Beatified by Pope Benedict XVI on May 1, 2011. Canonized by Pope Francis on April 27, 2014.)


If trouble attacks us, the most merciful God by the far sounded ringing of the bells says: It must be a new pope! New governor! And He puts a Slav on the throne face to face with many army and weapons, he is inspired by love and with the power of Christ Jesus, he holds the world in his hand. [This is the first and last section of a poem written by Juliusz Slowacki, titled "Papiez Slowianski" (The Slavic Pope), 1848.]



"Totus Tuus"


(Note to Viewers: The following pictures show some parts of  St. Pope John Paul II's life, and the universal respect many people have for him.  Pictures of politicians doesn't mean an endorsement to a specific politician.)

Buddhist Giving Respect to the Loss of JP2George W. Bush at JP2 FuneralGiovanni Paolo IIVP Dick Cheney Meets JP2Mother Angelica Meets JP2

JP2 Funeral


Cardinal Karol Wojtyła sings Ave Maria, 1976, courtesy of the EWTN series Life On The Rock (Air Date: 4/14/2005).