I (Nick Kovacs) admire Fmr. President George W. Bush for the following three reasons: 
  1. George W. Bush was willing to make the protection of human life paramount, even when it was not the popular thing to do (e.g., vetoing an embryonic stem cell research bill). Even though there were some flaws in his Pro-Life policies, I give Bush credit for trying hard to create Pro-Life policies. (An example of an imperfection in Bush's Pro-Life policies is his support for the Plan B "Morning-After" Pill.)
  2. George W. Bush, who is a Protestant, has praised Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI. Bush has called St. Pope John Paul II a "...champion of human freedom..." (President's Statement on the Death of Pope John Paul II, 4/2/2005), and has taken John Paul II's teaching on constructing a Culture of Life to heart, by saying the following:

    In the culture of life we must make room for the stranger. We must comfort the sick. We must care for the aged. We must welcome the immigrant, We must teach our children to be gentle with one another. We must defend in love the innocent child waiting to be born. (Remarks by the President at Dedication of the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, 3/22/2001)

    One of Bush's contributions to the construction of a Culture of Life, was to call upon Americans to live a charitable life, by becoming solders in the Army of Compassion. This army is not one of war, but a movement of love. Bush's marching orders for the Army of Compassion, was for everybody to love their fellow man, just as they would like to be loved.

  3. George W. Bush tried hard to live his faith in his public and private life. He was a politician who was not afraid to incorporate his Christian beliefs into his political policies, even when it was not the popular thing to do. Here is an example of Bush talking about his faith:

To conclude, here are some resources about the President's Pro-Life beliefs, his Christian faith, and his respect for the papacy. The resources are:

Sadly, I have lost a large portion of my respect towards former President George W. Bush in recent years (2016- 2020), because of his lack of respect and support towards President Donald J. Trump, and the MAGA movement. Because of this disdain towards President Trump from George W. Bush; Bush43 is no longer one of my top favorite presidents. President Donald J. Trump is now number one on my list, because Trump has done even more tremendous policies for religious freedom and the Pro-Life movement, then any of the other presidents before the 45th president! I love President Donald J. Trump, and I am proud to have voted for Trump45 twice! MAGA!

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Melody of A Charge to Keep I Have, a favorite song of George W. Bush.