Fruitful Liberty/Democracy

(Note to Viewers: Politicians making political policies based on the Natural Moral Law, and society incorporating religion into the public arena, are two examples of necessary requirements for liberty/democracy to be fruitful.  For more resources, check out War and World Peace and The Suffering Church. Tweets are posted as a service. LPCA is not responsible for what is Tweeted.)








World Made New: Eleanor Roosevelt and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by Mary Ann Glendon

Why States Can't Be Neutral on Values

Archbishop Gomez: Religious freedom given by God, not government

USCCB President, Diverse Religious Leaders Come Together To Urge Congress To Protect Religious Freedom Restoration Act

Fortnight for Freedom 2014 Closing Homily

Bishops Renew Call to Legislative Action on Religious Liberty

Bishops Hail Court Decision Upholding Religious Liberty

EWTN Live - 2014-6-18 - Fr. Robert J. Spitzer - Virtue, Faith and Freedom

Conscience Protection-USCCB

Stand Up for Religious Freedom Rally: ‘Freedom of Religion’ by Bishop Olmsted  (June 8, 2012)

What Kind of Religious Freedom Do We Want

World Over - 07-04-12 - 4th of July, Fortnight for Freedom Special with Matalin, Garvey, Lord Alton - YouTube

Let Freedom Ring!

Cardinal O’Malley Welcomes Supreme Court Decision Affirming Freedom of Speech for Pro-Life Americans

Supreme Court Decision on Hobby Lobby: A Great Day for the Religious Freedom of Family Businesses

Proclaim Liberty: Notes on the Next Great Awakening in America

FORTNIGHT FOR FREEDOM -- Social Justice Priorities: Life and Religious Liberty

Fortnight for Freedom Message from Pope Benedict XVI

Fortnight for Freedom Closing Mass Homily

Free Exercise of Religion: Putting Beliefs into Practice

June 22, 2012 - Fortnight For Freedom Homily by Cardinal Dolan

Repair My House: Renewing the Roots of Religious Liberty — Most Reverend Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap, Archbishop of Philadelphia, Presentation given in Indianapolis, June 20, 2012

World Over - 06-21-12 - Fortnight for Freedom Special with Cardinals George & Wuerl, Bishop Morlino - YouTube

Statement of the Catholic Bishops of Florida on the Fortnight for Freedom: June 21 - July 4, 2012

'For Greater Glory' and our current struggle for religious freedom for all

General Assembly Of Bishops Unanimously Adopts ‘United For Religious Freedom’ Statement

Opening Remarks for Domestic Religious Freedom-USCCB (6/2012)

Religious Freedom and the Love of God

Briefing for U.S. Bishops International Religious Freedom - Challenges, Distinctions, Opportunities, Dangers

The Nine Lawsuits for Religious Freedom – A Brief Rundown of the Arguments

An American Takeover of America

To the Bishops of the United States of America on their ad Limina visit (January 19, 2012)

Cardinal Dolan Applauds Church Agencies As They Challenge HHS For Violating Religious Freedom

Church agencies challenge HHS for violating religious freedom

Bishop Lori Tells Parable of the Kosher Deli and the Pork Mandate in Congressional Testimony

On the Culture Religious Liberty and Conscience Rights A Caution - Catholic Culture

We Govern Ourselves by Fr. Frank Pavone (May 9, 2005)

What Catholics Should Do About Democracy

"Theocrats" for Freedom

Address on Religious Liberty 2011-USCCB

Vatican Archbishop Preaches To 6 Supreme Court Justices, Emphasizes Natural Law


The right of the people to honor God

The Human Rights Declaration Exalts the Liberty and Membership of the Human Family

Religion's Role in International Politics

Freedom Of Speech For Churches

Religious Freedom Day, 2004

Religious Freedom Day, 2005

Religious faith promotes liberty, not intolerance

Quod Multum (On the Liberty of the Church)

Politics Without God?

MoveOn Ad Disrespects Democracy, Says Catholic Leader

The Naked Public Square 

Houses of Worship Have First Amendment Rights

Government and Religion in the New World Order ("The Abundant Life" Date Produced: 9/17/2002)

Free Speech in Church by Fr. Pavone (2/28/2005)

Excerpts of GK Chesteron's "Orthodoxy", Discussing the Meaning of Democracy

The End of Democracy?

Dr. Charles Rice Talks about the Natural Law ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 5/4/2005)

The Christian vocation of citizenship

Catholics' Public Life Can't Be Split From Faith, Warns Pope

Catholicism & the Public Square ("The Abundant Life" Date Produced: 4/11/2002)

Cannot Be Right (Fr. Frank Pavone's Bi-weekly Column-September 27, 2004)

Cardinal Ratzinger Seeks a Bridge With Nonbelievers

Cardinal Ratzinger on the Banishment of God From Public Life

Cardinal Ratzinger Commends U.S. Model of Laicism

A New Order of Religious Freedom


Archbishop Chaput delivers keynote address at National Catholic Prayer Breakfast (May 20th, 2005)


People of Faith Deserve a Public Voice, Says Archbishop

Making Room for God in Today's World

Senator Brownback on the Duty of Christians in the Public Square

Religion in an Unstable World

Christian Roots Are Europe's Foundation of Freedom, Says Pope

Thanks for all the help, you religious folks — now pipe down

"Faith and Patriotism" by Archbishop CHARLES J. CHAPUT

Contradictions in Teaching on Religious Freedom?

Three Simple Truths

Orthodox prayer in public square

Virtuous Democracy by Fr. Frank Pavone (8/25/2003)

Faithful Urged to Bring God Into Public Life

Benedict XVI's Address at World Youth Day Vigil

Real Freedom "as Precious as It Is Scarce"

Defense of Life Is Linked to Liberty

Benedict XVI Wary of Democracies Without Values

Good or Evil: Who Decides? (EWTN Series)

Fr. Dubay talks about Freedom and Authority ("EWTN Live" Air Date: 8/31/2005)

Human Rights and Radical Gender Ideology

Ad Petri Cathedram (On Truth, Unity and Peace in a Spirit of Charity)

Pope Stresses Need for God's Presence in Social Life

Benedict XVI on Religion and Public Life

Anni Sacri (Combating Atheist)

The Internal Order Of States And People

Democracy And A Lasting Peace

Desires Aren't "Rights," Says Cardinal Sodano

In true democracies, says Pope, religious freedom can, must exist

Cardinal Pell on the Dictatorship of Relativism

Freedom Needed to Give Religious Sense to State, Says Pope


Civilizations Must Protect Human Dignity, Says Pope

On Cultivating Liberty

The Universal Hunger for Liberty

Catholicism and the Renewal of American Democracy

Pope decries hypocrisy of a world that banishes God (2005)

Scottish cardinal criticizes legislators intent to enact ‘immoral laws’

Healing the Rift Between Faith and Culture (Part 1)

Healing the Rift Between Faith and Culture (Part 2)

Crisis of Rationality in European Democracy

Father Cantalamessa on a Christian in the Public Square

Benedict XVI Favors a "Positive Secularity"

Fighting for The Right to Be Wrong

Of Pilgrims and Park Rangers

Cardinal Warns of "Anthropological Catastrophe"

True Secularity Allows Religion's Public Role, Says Cardinal

Benedict XVI Stresses Inviolability of Human Values

On Religious Freedom

Pope Benedict XVI - Relativism Puts Religious Liberty at Risk

Reasonable Religion

Authentically Free At Last TV Series of Eternal Word Television Network, Global Catholic Network

The Right to Be Wrong: Ending the Culture War Over Religion in America (book)

Kevin Seamus Hasson talks about the culture war over religion in America ("The World Over" Air Date: 2/2/2006)

The Right to Be Wrong (Article)

Serving the Truth is a Joy, Says Pope

The Universalization of European Culture and the Ensuing Crisis

Freedom And Authority (EWTN Show)

The Good Code - The Natural Law  (EWTN Show)

True Freedoms Leads to Fulfilled Life, Says Pope

The Right to Offend?

Forget the "Clash," Says Europarliament Official

Catholics, Bush, & the Dictatorship of Relativism

"The Dictatorship of Relativism" (Full text of keynote address by Bishop Morlino at the National Catholic Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC on April 7, 2006)

Veritatis Splendor

St. Thomas Aquinas In Today's World (EWTN Show)

Cardinal: Democracy Doesn't Ensure Religious Liberty

Freedom of Expression Has a Limit, Says Vatican

No authentic democracy, human rights without respect for life, says Spanish cardinal

Aquinas on the Law

Pope: True Democracy Leads to Social Justice

Fides et Ratio

Pope Promotes Basic Human Rights

Corruption Seen as a Threat to Democracies

Tolerance Linked to Allowing Religion's Public Role

Society Faces "Tyranny of Instability," Says Pope

Archbishop Defends Religious Freedom to U.N. Council

Imposing Our Beliefs on Others

The Myth Of Religious Tolerance


Pope Calls Catholic Politicos to Defend Democracy

Ten Commandments In The Public Square

Godless Morality? Why Judeo-Christianity Is Necessary For Human Rights

Meocracy Now!

Protected Speech

Vatican Statement to Europe Security Organization

Pope: Culture Must Not Sacrifice Man for Technology

Equal rights for our posterity

God in the Public Square

Religious Liberty Has Public Dimension, Says Pope

Religion in the Cross Hairs

Duties Before Rights

Democracy is Relative

Legislating Morality

Pope Voices Concern for Laws on Life and Family

British Bill Violates Liberty, Says Bishop

Papal Address on Natural Law

The First Freedom Religious Liberty as the Foundation of Human Liberty

Address of Papal Theologian on Natural Moral Law

Obstacles Plague Religious Freedom, Experts Say

Rediscovering the Natural Law

Relativism or Relativity: Religious Freedom and the Family

Bartholomew I: Turkey Must Protect Minorities

Democracy and Secularism

Holy See Statement on the Rule of Law


Deep Freedom and Political Liberty

Against the Grain: Christianity and Democracy, War and Peace

Religious freedom cornerstone of human rights, says Spanish cardinal

French vs. American Models of Freedom and Religion


Both Servant And Free TV Series

Holy Mass at "Plaza de la Revolución" (La Habana, 28 March 2012)

Our first, most cherished liberty (Cardinal DiNardo)

Our First, Most Cherished Liberty (USCCB)

Dignitatis Humanae

Libertas Praestantissimum

Fortnight for Freedom - A Celebration of Freedom - Cardinal Wuerl-YouTube

Fortnight for Freedom Daniel Cardinal DiNardo Homily, June 30 - YouTube

RELIGIOUS FREEDOM, PERSECUTION OF THE CHURCH, AND MARTYRDOM by Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò-Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, University of Notre Dame-November 4, 2012

Tea Party Catholic

'More Respect for Religious Freedom' Needed After Failed Senate Vote to Curtail It

Cardinal O’Malley, Archbishop Lori to Senate: Oppose Bill that Attacks Religious Freedom

Virtue, Freedom, and Faith

You have the right to practice your faith, Pope Francis says in new interview

Pope Leo the XIII - On Civil Power

Attorney General’s Religious Liberty Guidance Protects Freedom of Faith-Based Organizations